It's a birthday!

The jury's in!

It was a nice and bright yesterday, so I hauled my blocking board out the back door and snapped some pics of the sleeves. The bad news is that they won't get posted until at least tomorrow. I blocked them using the damp towel method a la ChicKnits. I'm not sure what the intended purpose of my "blocking board" is -- quilting? It's cardboard with a printed grid and it folds up accordion style. I used to cover it with a sheet of clear plastic, but I decided that I really only need to do that if what I'm pinning down is w-e-t. I don't know how long it will last, but I nabbed it (new and unused) at a rummage sale for $1, so who cares?

The brass rods worked well. I wove them up the straight sides of the sleeves before pinning them on the blocking board, so only needed to pin the sleeves at the top and bottom. Fast! Neat! Even though I bought the smallest diameter rods that I could find, they're still a bit chunky and I don't know how they'd work for a finer knit -- unless I inserted them differently. Perhaps. I'll be playing with these things for a while.

We bought four of these rods. My husband cut two of them in half and rounded the ends for ease of insertion and so that rough edges wouldn't catch on fibers. We thought that they were at least 36" long and neither of us bothered to measure! They must be a little less than 30" long because the halves I used for the sleeves just barely made the 14" that I needed them to! The brass has a nice heft to it; they had steel rods but I'd be leary of rust, especially on something light-colored; aluminum was lightweight, but had some flex and a larger diameter. I'm considering wood dowels for smaller gauge things. I think they'd work if I sanded them very smooth and then sealed them with polyurethane or wax.

I worked with the Cecil for a while last night and have finished all the decreases for the armhole. I'd been pushing bedtime this week and it caught up with me last night. I was in dreamland for the last 10 minutes of Law & Order, so don't know how it ended.

Climbing the stairs and getting ready for bed revived me enough that I was able to read a chapter in Cry, The Beloved Country. I'm nearing the end. I'm enjoying it and it's a good story, but it's taking a while to finish. I'm hoping that there are quotation marks in Life of Pi, which is next. That one is a book club assignment and we next meet in less than a month.

Look for pics in the next couple of days. I think the pattern (especially the eyelets/rib shift) will be very visible. I traipsed down to the back garden and snapped pics down there, too. Green stuff!!


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