Happy Mother's Day
Angels and devils

1-1/2 sleeves

Well, I didn't get quite as far on Summer Sonata as I was hoping this weekend, but I do have a sleeve and a half. It won't be long now. Saturday was such a dreary day, I just didn't feel like doing anything! I would really rather be at work on a day like that. We got a lot of rain over the weekend, though, so gardens and lawns are happy -- lots of lawns around town are overdue for a mowing, but it's been too wet.

Sunday was a little bit brighter, and it was Mother's Day. One of my sisters came up and we all went out for pizza. Apparently, everyone else took their mom out for breakfast, lunch or brunch, because we were the only ones there!

I'm planning to have the Calmer for Audrey in my hands on Wednesday. I have other chores to do in the vicinity of my LYS that day, so it'll be worth the trip. I ought to have all the knitting finished on SS by then and can dive right in and swatch. From the sounds of things at the Audrey blog, I really should buckle down and swatch. Don't know if I'll have much time for that on Wednesday, though, as that's the day of the Fleetwood Mac concert! YAY!!


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