The kids are on a roll
I'd wear the drapes...

Boundless energy...

...and endless optimism? What could A be thinking?? While their dad was otherwise occupied for a few minutes last night, I had a quick huddle with K&A and acknowledged their desire to surprise him with a While You Were Out of his own for Father's Day. I told them my thoughts on the project and that they should think about what they want to do and we'll huddle again soon to come up with a plan. A said that we should/could do all three!! Yowza -- I think the new beau is making her giddy. I don't know if we could do all that even if Andrew Dan-Jumbo and Leslie were parked in the driveway! K was asked to photograph a friend's wedding, also, which happens to take place the same weekend. Time for a reality check!

In knitting news, I was able to skip out of work a half-hour early last night and that meant an extra 30 minutes of knittin' time while watching the news. I'm happy to report that I'm a few rows into the armhole shaping -- yay! Neck shaping is coming up.

I took a leisurely stroll down to the garden last night to see if anything was new and all I could see were dandelions! The radar must have been tuned in to other things on Sunday, because I hadn't noticed a single one. They're history now!

It's my day off tomorrow. I called to see if I could make an appointment for an oil change; they didn't have any openings, but walk-ins are welcome. I guess that makes sense on some level.

I've really been enjoying the blog entries about the doings in Maryland over the weekend and seeing all the pictures. I'd sure like to try a deep-fried Twinkie someday!


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