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GardenIt was still raining a little bit this morning, but it seems to have stopped and it's even getting a little brighter outside. Still a long way to go before I'll say "sunny." I just got back from a little stroll with the pup and could have used sunglasses. Anyway, took a little stroll to the back garden and snapped a few pics. This is a pretty good overview of a garden we've reworked a few times over the years. There was an overgrown patch or two when we moved in, and we didn't do much until the summer of 1990. I discovered that there had been an old brick patio (or something) and dug them all out (we re-used them, as we like brick walkways and the like) so I could plant an herb and wildflower garden. Later that summer, we found out that a baby was on the way, and for the next 10 +/- years, it became a wildflower/weed garden with a few surviving herbs. Then DH decided to rework the whole area. He made it smaller, more manageable and raised it a bit, and this version has been much more successful.

PoppyOne of the things I've been most excited about this year is this poppy. I planted it four years ago. It has come up faithfully every year, but has never given me a flower. This year, I have --count 'em-- TWO!! It had a flower when I planted it, and I think it was a salmon color, but I can't even remember.

ForgetI also planted a forget-me-not a few years ago. Yes, one. That thing's been spreading like crazy -- I even have a volunteer growing in the path. You can see how blue it is on an overcast day like today, you should see them in the sun.

AiumAnd a single, lovely alium blooming. In the background is a bust that K made in a high school clay class.

PotsWe love clay class! This is what A recently brought home from hers. I just love these, and I love the colors that she chooses for her projects. They are resting on a mosaic table that I made last summer from broken dishes I've gathered. I think I may make at least one more this summer -- I have plenty of material and I just can't seem to stop collecting!

SleeveAnd, finally, knitting news; precious little, really. I knitted on the second Audrey sleeve last night and you can see my progress as compared to the first -- about half-way, I guess. I'm anxious to put the sleeves behind me. I even thought about casting on for the front or back last night and working on both for a while.

A&M just got back from seeing Shrek 2, and loved it. They especially liked Puss-In-Boots, and were surprised to have recognized Julie Andrews as the voice of the Queen.



Oooh! I'd love to see a better picture of that mosaic table. I've been "collecting" bits and pieces for one for a while now but haven't had the inspiration to bring it all together yet.
Love the garden photos, thanks so much for sharing! I'm envious of the wild lily of the valley that you picked a few entries back. We pay outrageous amounts here in California for it!


What a lovely garden. I love your forget me nots. I used to live in Alaska, where they grew wild everywhere...being the state flower and all. Inspiring garden really.

I would definately cast on for the front or back. You are already ahead of the game, so to speak, by finishing one sleeve.

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