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It was Victoria Day in Canada yesterday. We lived in Toronto for about a year when I was a little girl. So, I somehow connect the dots and feel some vague association with a holiday that bears my name in a country where I once lived! Even if I don't remember a thing about living there. Plus, K was delivered by a doc who hailed from Saskatchewan. I've never met anyone else from Saskatchewan. I'm glad I met him, though, because I have a reason to say "Saskatchewan" every once in a while.

Since Wisconsin is relatively close to Canada, I'm kind of surprised that I haven't been there more often. My dad took all of us kids on a trip around Lake Superior one summer in a Winnebago (1969 or '70?). Most memorable was Thunder Bay, having my picture taken at a scenic lookout for a tourism brochure (don't know if it was ever used), and an excruciatingly long quest for fly paper. Dad took a great home movie of all five of us trying to trap flies in paper cups and releasing them outside. It was awful. We listened to Gary Puckett and The Union Gap on a cassette player and played lots of Monopoly. I still crank up the radio and smile every time I hear one of those songs.

My husband and I drove through Canada from Oregon to Wisconsin once. Oregon was the target of many British Columbia tourism compaigns, but I'll take Alberta any day! Wow. Since I was pregnant, I mostly had to watch DH enjoy the hot springs at Banff. This trip must have been in 1984, and Calgary was already preparing for the Olympics, if I recall correctly. I remember watching Calgary fade in the rear view mirror as we drove east.

Did we look like drug smugglers or bank robbers? Our entry back into the US at International Falls on that trip was none too pleasant. Our entire car and all of our baggage was searched, the authorities apparently not believing that all we'd have to show for our time there was a lousy t-shirt.

When K was a year old, we went to Vancouver, BC, for EXPO 86 -- the World's Fair, basically. That was kind of a weird trip, too. It was the first time that we ventured so far with our little girl, and she was crabby. She was suffering from her first-ever diaper rash, and it was bad; found out later that it was actually a yeast infection. It just put a little damper on things, ya know?

Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick, even Newfoundland and Labrador, have been on my mind lately. That sounds like a nice drive, huh? Someday...

So, there you go, my history with Canada. You just never know what's going to set me off!

On the knitting front, I continued with Audrey last night, of course! I made all the decreases as written and made the first increase before putting it down last night. I could have stayed up longer, and I'd have liked to, but I'd be sufferin' today. I think it's going okay...

I'm so excited to work on the mosaic photo album. Tune in tomorrow!



Any chance to say "saskatchewan" is a good one. ("Saskatoon" is equally good) Thanks for your Canadian history, I liked reading it.


we went to Nova Scotia for our honeymoon. it is so beautiful and we had the very-best-french-fries-in-the-whole-world from a street vendor in Halifax.


We took that same trip around Lake Superior! Of course our trip was right after the Winnebago rally! Oh yea, my parents were avid motorhomers.


It was a borrowed motorhome (from my dad's boss) that we used for the Lake Superior trip. I think the reason we trapped the flies rather than swatting them was so that we didn't leave fly goo in someone else's motorhome. Or perhaps it's because a flyswatter in a motorhome (even a big one, such as we had) with 5 kids and a guy with a video camera could have led to a trip to the ER or something.

Thanks for your nice comments! I'm going to have to start planning that trip soon!

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