Little Green Ball

It's not me

Typepad seems to be a bit more cooperative this morning. I see that they have scheduled some server maintenance that should help. I was getting SO frustrated yesterday because the photo album pics were so slow to load, but I checked it all out this morning and it was much better/quicker. Whew.

Before I ripped Audrey last night, I checked the Audrey blog to see what I could discern about the increases from the pics of FOs. As it turns out, I think I'm doing them in the right place, or at least the way that other people have. I'm not real happy with the way some of my increases turned out, though -- I may have knit into the stitch incorrectly on a couple. Maybe I can fix them without ripping. I don't know. Maybe I need another project -- K2, P2 over 100 sts is, well, ugh.

How about something in a lightweight cotton? A few weeks ago, I stopped by a thrift store and found two books -- one was a knitting book from the '80s featuring cotton, and the other was a macrame book from the '70s. (If you've read "About Me," you may recall that I did a little macrame once upon a time -- and I liked it!) The knitting book really had only 2 or 3 patterns that I liked, and one is a slightly blouson, sleeveless top in lightweight cotton with a little bit of cable detail and written with two options for the neckline. I think I want to make it. I need to go buy yarn. Maybe today.

It was a good day off yesterday. One of the best things was getting my hair fixed. I did something on Saturday that I haven't done in more than 20 years. I grabbed a scissors on my way to the bathroom and after I washed my hair, I whacked it off. Three inches on the floor. How about a little do-it-yourself layering? Oy. I KNOW BETTER! The only thing I liked was the new length; I have thick hair and lots of it and, well, what can I say? It wasn't good. I put my tail between my legs and went for help.

I tuned in for the last half-hour of American Idol last night. Yay Fantasia!! I loved the song she sang at the end, and heard it on the radio again this morning. Wow.



No dear, it ISN'T you...*storage issues* are supposed to be FIXED tomorrow. Not a moment too soon, if you ask me. WE're spoiled by how fabulous TYpepad is!
Thank you for the sweet means SO much!

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