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Knitting a dream

It was worth the wait, and even the angst; I don't know if I've ever been so taken with a yarn before. Calmer glides through my fingers like air and requires a very light touch. I didn't get as much knitting time last night as I'd hoped, and am only 30+ rows into the first sleeve of Audrey, but I couldn't be happier. If it's this great to knit, I can only imagine what it's going to be like to wear this sweater -- I'm thinking it's going to just float on the skin.

So, about 15 rows in, I'm wondering what else I could knit with Calmer! I did not put down the needles to search for a new project; first things first, eh? At this point, though, I can definitely see myself using this yarn again. It's pricey, but it would be worth macaroni & cheese dinners for a month in order to save my pennies. I'd do it in a heartbeat, but the family might not be so willing!

I accompanied K to the library last night and found the most delightful little book. It is Knitting From the Netherlands: Traditional Dutch Fishermen's Sweaters by Henriette Van Der Klift-Tellegen. (I see on Amazon that it's quite a spendy little book!) I have never knit a traditional Aran or a fisherman's sweater of any ethnic origin, but I do love cables and stitch patterns and who couldn't help but be inspired by this? I paged through this book last night just to look at the pictures; my brain couldn't help but process some of the words along the way and it's full of information! The book appeals to me in a variety of ways. First, it's a knitting book! Second, it's full of history. Third, it has lots of photographs of the very best kind -- old ones! Fourth, I happen to live near an area where Van-something is a common component in a surname. It's going to be a fun and educational read!

On the docket tonight/this weekend: Audrey, of course, and sewing sleeves and seams on Summer Sonata. Maybe I can go button shopping for Cecil, too. I'll get a pic of Audrey posted soon.



Oh no! Another knitting book I have to own! All you had to do was say it was full of history and old photos, and I'm a goner. Sigh.


why not join mine and katie's st brigid-along in the fall?I think it'll be lots of fun!


Calmer is aptly named! I can't wait to see your Audrey...I'll bet it will just be a Dream to knit and wear! Our college visit today was FABULOUS and there was a new knitting store on the way home...doesn't get much better than that!


I think that the library book will be inspirational (and immensely enjoyable), and I will likely be primed for knitting something along those lines! St. Brigid is beautiful and a knit-along in the fall is definitely something I look forward to.

I'm not even half finished with an Audrey sleeve, but I keep putting it on my arm to see how it will feel! Yum.


I have never seen that book. I will have to investigate my library or my moms.:) Thank you for the kind reference to Na Craga. I would love to knit with Calmer. It is definately on my list of "wants" but I want to get through a couple of other things before I buy any. And I would love if you knit along on St. Brigid with Sue and I.


"Knitting From The Netherlands" was published in 1985 by Lark Books, Asheville, NC. I'm still savoring it; besides a nice Introduction by the author, the table of contents lists "The History of Knitting," "Origin of the Fishermen's Sweaters," and "Identification," as well as sections on "Materials and Techniques" and "The Fishing Villages and Their Sweaters." Believe me, knitting a sweater of this type becomes more appealing with every passing minute!

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