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Little Green Ball

While at work yesterday, I resolved to frog the body of Audrey. I wavered a couple of times when the knitting devil whispered in my ear, but there were too many things I was unhappy about to continue. And, to be honest, that darn devil's been on my shoulder since the very beginning of that piece. Why don't I listen? Why not rip out 4 rows instead of umpty-4 rows? With the number of stitches I had, there was going to be crap at the edges for seaming. I was thinking that I'd fix it with the other piece, but that's just dumb. Do it right. Just Do It. Then, of course, some of my increases were done incorrectly. I'm just not knitting that wonderful yarn into a crappy sweater that I won't wear. So, in the end, I have a little green ball to show for this week's knitting. (I took before and after pics, but they're still in the camera.) Audrey and I will make nice sometime over the weekend (thankfully, we have three days to patch things up), but we weren't in the mood for each other last night.

Lest you think it was all so grim around my house last night, let me chalk one up in the "I'm Ecstatic" column! When I got home, Aran Knitting was on the kitchen table!! I'd requested it online from a library outside our system on the 16th and have been a Nervous Nelly ever since. I was so afraid that my request would be denied (and for no good reason, either, just a feeling), and I even asked about it in person at our library earlier this week -- would they be sure to let me know either way?? (My family thinks I'm nuts to be getting my undies in a bundle over a knitting book.) Well, K had to pick up a CD at the library yesterday, and they had my book, too! It didn't even come from all that far away (I could have driven to that particular library in 20 minutes), but it hadn't shown up in the online catalog. Who cares? I've got it in my hands for a couple of weeks! Yay!!

I'd phoned home before leaving work yesterday to say that I had a stop to make and I'd be home a little later than usual. It was K on the other end, wondering where I was going. Um, well, the craft store. She said, "You can't go there without me!" So, it was an after-dinner trip instead of an after-work trip. Knowing that I was going to frog Audrey, and knowing that seaming Summer Sonata was not the kind of thing I like to do in the evening, and knowing that I had nothing in my stash for the lightweight cotton top I mentioned yesterday, it was time for fiber therapy, even if it was at a place with a paltry selection. It was dismal -- maybe 3 suitable cottons, mostly in pastels or primaries -- I ended up with some mercerized cotton in a color similar to, but much darker than, the Endless Summer Sonata. And, I was lucky to get the 3 balls I needed (of the 6 in stock) with the same dye lot (the other 3 were all unique, and even K could see the difference)! I also bought two skeins of gray Lion Brand Wool Ease that were missing their labels for $1.15 each.

I started several swatches with the cotton on several needle sizes and it was so far off that it isn't even funny. It's a pretty simple pattern, and I decided that it might be easier (and look better) to adjust the pattern to fit my gauge. But I didn't want to do that last night. So, I pulled out the Wool Ease and cast on 37 stitches for "Galway," an adorable child's hat in Aran Knitting, what else?

Even while happily paging through AK and looking at all the pretty pictures, I couldn't help but notice something else. Charts. Lots 'n lots 'n lots of charts. You know how much knitting I've done using a chart? Next to nothing. And I'm going to dive in and knit St. Brigid -- from a chart? No, from 5 charts? For some things (mosaics come to mind), I don't feel like I need to practice, but for something like this, I think it wise -- and it's exactly what I had in mind when I bought the Wool Ease. I didn't even do a swatch because what I really need is to practice technique and chart-reading. "Galway" has three charts, and I think I now know what it must feel like when a lefty learns to write right-handed. The C-B-A, left-to-right reading for the even rows is coming along okay. I don't think it will take long to memorize the symbol key, either. The A-B-C, right-to-left idea for the odd rows is just a little harder to grasp. So, I was happily knitting along, making little cables and waves and bobbles, and I really thought I was concentrating, but I was not. I guess it's all just a little foggy, really! I may have knit row 2 left-to-right, but it might have been A-B-C. I couldn't even hold the concept for 2 rows! I was in about 6 rows when I realized that it was stitch soup dripping off my needles. I ripped it out, grabbed some slightly larger needles, and started over. I was determined to get those first 6 rows under my belt, and I stayed up until I did. Just Do It. Practice, practice, practice. You're not starting St. Brigid 'til fall, right grrs??

Remember when Nike's slogan was "Just Do It"? Twin-K adopted it as her mantra a few years ago. As a New Year's Resolution, it was a bit more catchy and much more inspiring than "I will stop procrastinating." She was damn good about it, too, and it rubbed off. I often tell myself, "Just Do It."

Okay, I'll stop foaming at the mouth here in just a minute. One more thing: Have I mentioned how much I love our new potty? (For details, scroll down to May 19's Home Improvement post.) I haven't had to stand at the ready, plunger in hand, for over a week! It is the little things! Woo-hoo.

And one more thing. I hope that all of you enjoying a three-day weekend have a great one. We were very happy yesterday, here in NE Wisconsin, to welcome back the 395th Ordnance Company after nearly a year in Iraq. Could there be more perfect timing? Happy Memorial Day!!



Very sorry to read you had to rip Audrey. But it was for the best. Calmer is lovely yarn and deserves nothing but your best knitting. And you got AK! YEA! For a minute, I thought you bought it...I was very jealous.

Oh, your mosaics are lovely. I really would like to give it a try. I think just bashing the dishes with the rubber mallet would be fun. Have a great weekend.

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