Monday, Monday

Knitting news first! I finished the second sleeve of Audrey last night, cast on for the front/back, and my next row -- tonight -- will be the first decrease row! Yay!!

Thank you for the nice garden comments! Since the kids require so much less of my time and attention these days, it's been a lot easier to garden! Some folks are able to do both at the same time, but it's never worked for me; I could grow kids or I could grow a garden. The kids' gardening appetite has been whetted nonetheless, and K&A came with DH and me to the nursery yesterday. We froze our little tushies off, but had fun picking out plants. I bought some pink tuberous begonias for the front porch planter and some Irish moss for a spot outside the back door; DH bought some varieties of hens & chicks that we don't already have; K&A bought a mix of annuals and perennials for a bare spot in the back. Now, if it would only dry up and warm up a bit, we could plant!

I cleaned out my closet on Saturday. That's a biggie! I have two garbage bags full of clothes, and the hooks on the backs of the bathroom doors (two) are full. It's called purging, and it's a good thing. Two of my sisters may be able to make use of some of it, the rest will be sold at Rummage-O-Rama (an annual rummage sale at my sis's) in August, or given to charity. I usually use the rummage sale proceeds for school supplies, though once I used it to help fund my Maytag Neptunes, and this year it may go to stash enhancement -- perhaps the fiber for St. Brigid, unless (and this is likely) I have it by then!

On Saturday night, we watched "House of Sand and Fog." That happens to be the very first book we read for the (very informal) book club to which I belong. I can't say that any of us really liked the book, but we were all definitely riveted and had strong feelings. I had the urge to slap someone when I was reading the book, and the urge returned upon watching the movie! Moral of the story: open your mail.

On Sunday morning, M was watching "Billy Elliott." It doesn't take much for me to get sucked in, especially this movie! Though I have seen it many times, I still get emotional; it's a favorite at our house.

And because the weather sucked pretty much all weekend, what else is there to do but watch movies? On Sunday night, K and I watched "Lost In Translation." She'd seen it a couple of times already, but I never had. It was great. Bill Murray is fabulous.

Hey, Christine, I just happen to have some pics of that mosaic table and I'll get them up this week. I bought an inexpensive wooden tray at Wal-Mart last year and made a mosaic tray with a fleur-de-lis design as a Christmas present for one of my sister's, also using old dishes. I should have some pics of that, too. The biggest problem I've had with both of those projects is the non-uniform thickness of the pieces -- grouting is a challenge. It's worth the putzy stuff, though, and so much fun to do!



I can't wait to see you mosaic work -- every now and then I think about giving it a try!


Aw, now y'all got me excited about showing you the mosaic projects! I'll work on a photo album and give you as much information as I can remember. It'll be fun!


Oooh goody, mosaic pictures!I can't wait to see them!
I'll be posting the pictures from our mosaic stepping stone party this weekend. I'm so excited about it! I think it'll be a fabulous kid activity!

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