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I had seen some mosaic work at an art fair during a 3-Sister (vs. 4-Sister) Weekend a few years ago -- picture frames, boxes, small tables, all done with broken dishes. It was something we put in the "that would be fun to do on a Sister Weekend" file, but I guess I couldn't wait. I've been collecting material ever since and last summer, it was a "go." We sided and painted our garage last spring and had saws and worktables and the whole shebang right handy in the garage, so I took advantage of the workshop atmosphere (and DH's willingness to help build the table) and dove right in. Yep, I'm a diver. Why fart around, "practicing" (to my view, wasting time, really) by making a picture frame when what I really wanted was a table for the deck?!

I've made a "Mosaics" photo album and have about a dozen pics in there. Many of them are progress photos -- not all of the pieces had been glued down and there was no grout. I took a few of the finished table this morning. Because of my locale, I did bring it in over the winter, and will continue to do so, but it seems to take rain just fine. I can't believe that I don't have a picture of the fleur-de-lis tray that I made for Twin-K! I know I took some, but perhaps they were inadvertently deleted. She's a smart cookie, but techno savvy? No. She is mystified by anything computer related. Is it something in their genes, because Twin-S has even less aptitude for this stuff. Anyway, I've put in a request that she snap and send me some digi-pics and perhaps that will motivate her to find the manual and figure it out. It's so cool, too, because it was part of a French-themed gift -- a creme brulee cookbook, ramekins, sugar assortment, torch and fuel!

Either my internet connection is excruciatingly slow today or Typepad didn't like being bombarded with all those pics at once -- or something. Slow, slow, slow.

Audrey's going to get ripped back some. I knitted away last night while watching "The Magdalene Sisters" with K, and I think my increases are wrong. I'm also beginning to doubt whether Audrey is for me. I'm going to rip, re-do, and then try to do a little "mirror, mirror, on the wall" assessment. Will Audrey be the fairest one of all -- especially for me? Sometimes I think I might be a bit too old (I hate it when I say things like that) for a design like that. We'll see. I'm not tossing her out the window yet.

K spotted a single DVD of "The Magdalene Sisters" on the shelf at the video store the other night. That, in itself -- a single copy of a movie -- is intriguing enough to pursue it, I guess, but it had already been rented, which somehow made it even more intriguing. So, we watched it last night. I really didn't know what I was getting into (but there's a family affinity with that name), nor that it was based on true stories and experiences of young grrs who grew up in orphanages or were sent to the "Magdalenes" because they'd become pregnant out of wedlock -- or even because it was thought that they MIGHT become pregnant (they were pretty or there was a suspicion of impropriety). Ay-yiyiyiyiyi! This was in Catholic Ireland, the story was set in the late '60s. There was also a documentary feature with women who'd lived there in the '40s, and it was just incredibly sad. Absolutely amazing is that the last home closed in 1996. 1996!

I'm sorry I don't have pics to show you right here in the blog. I'm usually pretty good about that on Wednesdays. I spent all my time over in that photo album today, so please enjoy. Let me know if you have any problems or any questions. I'll try to nail down my sources more specifically, they really were helpful.



I saw the Magdalene Sisters when it was in the theater. I too, was astounded that the last home closed in the 90's. It was a good, disturbing movie.


Once upon a time there was a theater in my area that showed "films." That may have lasted a month and now the real estate is occupied by a KFC. The opportunity to see more than blockbuster movies is one of the things I'd love about big city living!

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