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Happy Mother's Day

Pot o' knitting

pot_o_knittingThis is where Summer Sonata is hanging out. I'm not real sure why. It's very portable, though, and that's important because Mickey likes to get into my knitting and I need to put it away easily. Speaking of Mickey, I made a new photo album for the pets. You've already met Mickey, our beagle puppy, so may I introduce our kitties, Scamp and Roxie. They are brother and sister and have been part of our household for a while now. We brought Scamp home first and then broke down and brought Roxie home a week later; I think they forgot that they knew each other because there was some spittin' and hissin' for a while.

Here are the front and back of Summer Sonata before being knit together (there's a photo of that in the What I'm Working On album). Here, too, is a picture of the gaping neckband. (You can click 'em all for a larger view.) I'm pretty sure I have some elastic thread around here somewhere. Has anyone tried this, or have another suggestion? I'm hoping to have the sleeves finished this weekend.



I think the elastic thread should work. I wonder if I read something to that effect in Knitter's Workshop? I really like the pattern and color. Happy Mother's Day.


Hey Kathleen, I will see if I can find that reference in KW and what other tips there might be -- thanks! I hope you had a happy Mother's Day, too!

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