Attached at the shoulder


I will be able to knit together a shoulder of Summer Sonata tonight! I am going to do just the one, then pick up the stitches I need on the sides of the neck along with the stitches for the back and front that are on holders and knit the neckline rows on straight needles. I'd considered knitting the neckline on a circular needle, but I feel so clumsy with those. The way I'm doing it is actually how it's written in the pattern -- minus the short row shaping and knitting together of the shoulders. I'm thinking that I ought to be able to accomplish that much tonight, and quite probably the knitting of the other shoulder. That will leave only sleeves!

I was just thinking this morning that when I started Summer Sonata, I fully intended to set it aside the minute I had the Calmer for Audrey -- that was supposed to take a week. Well, it's been about a month! I know I would never have sat idle -- waiting, tapping my foot, drumming my fingers -- in anticipation of the Calmer's arrival, and I would have eventually started Summer Sonata, but I feel like I got a jump and now it is certainly looking like I'll have an FO very, very soon! In fact, at this point, I'll finish SS before I take on Audrey. I don't think I've read a bad word about knitting with Calmer over at the Audrey blog (button at left), and I'm still looking forward to knitting with it.

I'm wearing Nancy today. I dug a hooded, blue, zip-front, silk jacket (part of a 2-piece dress) out of the closet to wear with it, and it looks good. I think I will be trying my hand at knitting around the armholes again, but I'm going to have to be very careful. The bottom is curling a bit, too, and I'll have to figure out a way to remedy that.

Though I'm not a Friends fanatic, I will be watching the last episode tonight. It has been inescapable on TV of late. I saw a little bit of Kt & Matt's show on NBC last night -- who knew that Matthew Perry's dad was the Old Spice man?? And that Jennifer Aniston's dad is "Victor Kiriakis"??



I knew Jennifer's dad was Victor but missed the bit about Old Spice. I can't believe you have been waiting this long for Calmer. Very annoying. But glad to hear SS is coming along so nicely.


I was a "Days" regular 13 years ago -- for about 16 months -- as it was one of M's prime nursing times; always liked Victor. I also learned from Katie and Matt that Matthew Perry and his Old Spice dad will be making a movie together! And, alas, I did not see the finale after all.

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