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The bottom line is that it all works fine if you know the right side from the wrong. Ya know, those ribs just weren't lookin' like they were supposed to -- the 3 or 4 times that I knitted and then ripped -- but I finally got it and should be able to finish the first sleeve of Audrey tonight. I hope I'll have time to start on the second.

M commandeered my knitting spot for a while last evening and while I pined for a little time with Audrey, my attention was quickly redirected to Summer Sonata (I knew I'd have Audrey time later). Hm. Yes, I did say something about it being wearable by the weekend -- meaning last weekend -- and it isn't even close. I listened to Motown 45 on TV (did anyone besides Lionel Ritchie and Gladys Knight rehearse?) and started sewing in the sleeves. I have half a sleeve seam to go -- man, it sure seemed tedious. I'm hoping that the side seams will go a little quicker!

And since I had Sonata in hand, I remembered, too, that I still have a neckline to cinch. I pulled Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop off the shelf and got lost in the pages for a while. I might have finished both sleeves had I not been sidetracked -- but no regrets!

Speaking of books, I ordered Knitting On The Edge last week from Crafter's Choice Book Club. I love edgings (Audrey's neck and Seville's bottom band) and have always wanted to knit edgings for the many shelves in my kitchen. Good enough reasons, huh? Plus, with that purchase, I think I finally have enough points for a free book.

I showed K my blog for the first time the other day; it took me a while to even admit to her that I had one. I knew she'd think it was weird that her mom had a blog (even though she's had one or two for a few years). And she did. She typed in the address, k-n-i-t-o-r-i-o-u-s, and said, "Oh, I get it!" Then she saw my cactus-coiffed pothead* picture and that really confirmed Mom's weirdness. She said that if she'd just happened upon my blog and saw that picture, well, it's just weird! She got over the shock pretty quickly, though, and noticed all the things I could do with Typepad that she could not with her current blog(s). With the level I chose, there can be more than one blog, so she's movin' in. Unfortunately, I haven't saved photos and links and things with the idea of sharing in mind. I'm going to have to do a little rearranging so that my photo albums, for instance, don't show up on her blog.

*What is it about these things? My Grandma had a few and I suppose that's why I like them; I especially like the ones with "real" jewelry, like this one. My sister gave this to me several years ago prior to a big move. The "hat/hair" wasn't nearly as big then and it's been fun watching it grow. I always thought it was the perfect plant for this pot.


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