I'd wear the drapes...


I don't recall that I ever knitted in public. Today, I was un-knitting in public! I did the "walk-in" for an oil change and brought the Nancy sweater along to rip out the knitting around the armholes. I was concerned about finding and unweaving the ends, but didn't really have a problem. There was a young woman sitting next to me and as soon as I started to rip, she got up and moved. Perhaps un-knitting makes people nervous! I finished that chore and had just cracked a BH&G magazine when they came to tell me that my car was ready -- and washed!

I don't know if I'm going to re-knit those rows. I'll try it on and see how it looks -- maybe even wear it once -- before I decide. The armhole decreases are done 3 stitches from the edge and it just doesn't look all that bad. I'll keep you posted.

I still had time between the oil change and picking up A's senior photo proofs, so went to buy Mom's Mother's Day gift certificate (we've given her a g.c. from a local greenhouse for M's Day for years -- perfect time of year for such a gift). A's portraits are beautiful -- and so many! I brought home five portfolios with 8 photos each, plus 5 or 6 more photos. We have two weeks to choose and it's going to be very hard.

My morning went pretty well! My afternoon wasn't bad, either. Evening... Tonight was book club; it's been at 6:30 on a Wednesday night for a couple of years now, but for some reason I showed up at 6:00 tonight! There was a Wal-Mart nearby, so I decided to go look at their paltry button selection to see if I could find something for Cecil.

I finished the first shoulder on the Summer Sonata and have a start toward the second! I had time to work on it last night, and even for a few minutes this afternoon. I'm getting so excited to finish that one, and I'm off to do some more!


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