Knitting a dream
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I feel like I've been knitting in slow motion this weekend; have had some shoulder twinges, so I'm trying to take it easy.  There were times yesterday when my right arm felt like dead weight.  Weird. I paid particular attention to my posture last night as I knitted while watching "Master [of knitting -- or not?] and Commander."

I have been enticed by Katy and Sue with the idea of a St. Brigid knit-along in the fall. I fell in love with that sweater when I first saw it in Katy's archives.  I don't have "Aran Knitting," so I checked my library's online catalog from the comfort of my own home (I love technology!).  Our local library system doesn't have it, but there is one available nearby, so I put in my request.  Fingers crossed, as those requests aren't always honored. I'd love to have that book in my hands, even if for a very short while.

It's been a wonderful weekend weatherwise and I was able to accomplish a few things in the area of homekeeping, including hanging some laundry on the line yesterday (one of my favorite things) and doing some overdue cleaning.

This morning, I walked with a neighbor to a local arts & crafts festival. The new gift/knitting/needlework shop that I'd stopped at several weeks ago kicked off their grand opening week today, so I ran over there with Katie and bought a clicker row counter.  I also ordered the "Street Smarts" book from Patons that has the "Must Have Cardigan" pattern -- I've fallen in love with that sweater since seeing it on numerous blogs, and it's a "must have" for me! The shop carries a wider variety of everyday yarns & supplies than our local dime store, and better stuff than, say, Wal-Mart, plus the Maggi Knits line. At this point, they don't have enough knitting stuff that I would call them an LYS, but I do believe I'll be able to give them a little business!  Okay, this was going to be a quick update!  Blah-blah-blah.  Hope you're all havin' a mighty fine weekend.



Vicki glad to hear you will be knitting along with Sue and I. :) I so regret not purchasing Aran Knitting a few years ago when it was on clearance at Interweave Knits. Duh.

Thank you for the kind comments about going back to school. Your sister sounds pretty remarkable.

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