It's a turtleneck day
Presto change-o

While you were out

Ha! It's my "While You Were Out" day. This was originally planned for the Monday after Easter, but was postponed. Today's the day! Mom is picking me up this morning and she will "keep me occupied." We'll be checking out a new quilting shop, as Mom needs backing for a log cabin quilt top that she bought at a sale and re-worked. We'll also go to see my Grandma! Yay!! Maybe we'll stop at my LYS (and maybe the door will be open) to see if my Calmer has arrived, and we'll likely check out some antique shops.

I count myself among the amazingly lucky every single day because I have a Grandma, and my kids have a GREAT Grandma! I know that she'd really like to have the kids visit, but we'll just have to make another trip.

I can't wait to see what the kids have planned (I have my suspicions), and to share with you!


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