Disaster averted
Knitting a dream

Woo-hoo times two

Woo-hoo 1: Calmer is an absolute dream. Everything you've read is true -- it is soft and light as a cloud and just wonderful to knit with. I knit up my Audrey swatch last night and it's all good! As many have done, I cast on to knit a sleeve first; the elasticity does take some getting used to and this just seems the best way to proceed. That's as far as I got because then it was time for...

Woo-hoo 2: Fleetwood Mac. I still have a voice and my ears have stopped ringing; it was a very loud concert (the mega speakers were crackling at times). K & I enjoyed every minute! Lindsay Buckingham came out hot and gave a great show to a delighted and adoring crowd. Stevie Nicks finally started having fun about half-way through, and it made a big difference. I was most disappointed in the projection and screens. Compared to Rod Stewart's production -- images, live or retrospective, were constant and crisp -- this one sucked. For the most part, the huge screen at the rear of the stage was just lit with color; kind of a waste. I wouldn't have missed it, though, and I'm certainly happy that I had the opportunity.

The challenge today will be to keep my head up and eyes open, working a 10-hour day on less than 5 hours of sleep! I'll hum to myself, and think about that pot o' Calmer patiently waiting at home.



yea! your calmer finally arrived. i love the color and can't wait to see the sleeve. do you have all of your decreases sorted out?


I can't wait for knittin' time tonight! I'm intending to do the decreases as written; from what I've seen, they'll be fine. That said, most of the Audreys are darker colors, so I'll just wait and see if there's a visible difference with a lighter color.

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