While You Were Out II (The Father's Day Edition)
Out to lunch

Clean Sweep

I'll let you know right off the bat that, once again, there was precious little knitting last night. I had to go to a dinner with DH last night that lasted much, much too long. I was determined to knit a few rows before bed, though, so have finished the first leg of the baby outfit. It's all garter stitch and I'm knitting it in light yellow Cotton Tots, with three white stripes at the leg and sleeve cuffs, and stripes at the yoke. So far, I like the pattern. I will be knitting the second leg, then joining the two, and the body will be knit all in one piece (from button band to button band), save for the sleeves. That will mean seams only at the legs, sleeves and shoulders -- and they're teeny. Having dressed three babies of my own, I have decided to forego functional buttons/buttonholes and use snaps, instead. Snaps will be easier for Mom and have a better chance of staying snapped than buttons do of staying buttoned! I'll use some cute buttons as decoration only.

Thank you all so much for your nice comments about the bedroom re-do. I'd said on Friday that it would be a combo show, and you may have already guessed that the double feature was Clean Sweep as well as While You Were Out. I'm still working on the Clean Sweep part; I'm sentimental and I'm a packrat and I'm a collector (believe me, it's in the genes -- both sides of the family), and so are the DH and all three grrs, and it's a big house with lots of places to store stuff. Well, you can imagine... It can be quite overwhelming and a great big drag. I wholeheartedly agree with Stephanie (June 10 & 11) that purging is a HUGE relief. Because of that sentimental packrat collector gene, though, I really need to make Clean Sweep a way of life, and that's not so easy; I can't let my guard down for a minute or make any excuses (too tired, don't have time, I may need this...). Diligence. Perseverance. Just Do It.

How to make a knitorious:
3 parts intelligence
5 parts courage
5 parts energy
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Top it off with a sprinkle of sadness and enjoy.

How about a cocktail? Thanks to Purling Swine! Sprinkle in some sadness?? It doesn't sound like a Shirley Temple, now, does it?

OK, I think that cocktail recipe is screwing up my post, so after some deleting and reposting and other stuff, I'm trying just the text. If you want your own cocktail, I guess you'll have to let Ann be your bartender.



I hear you about the pack-rat tendencies. I'm on the eve of a BIG purge here as well. Where DOES it all come from?!
Your bedroom does look FABULOUS! You should be very proud of yourself!

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