Bugs and bikinis
While You Were Out II (The Father's Day Edition)

Mother Nature is still fiddlin' with the seasonal channels

Babycap1I wore my Birkies to work yesterday and I couldn't wait to get home and put on some socks -- brrrr! Geez, we're closing in on mid-June. No, they weren't handknit socks; I haven't any (wool). Ha! (Couldn't help it.) I have been tempted to knit socks, but haven't taken the plunge yet. Anyway, we're on the rainy/cold, hot/humid see-saw and I'm ready to get off!

AntiqueDH, Kt and I watched "Love Actually" last night. I'd started on one of the ear flaps for the baby cap and tried to knit while watching, but ended up ripping it out because I wasn't concentrating very well on knitting. I loved the movie, and got all teary-eyed at the end. (Yes, I get choked up at certain coffee and long-distance commercials, too.) And guess what? I watched it twice! We can't seem to synchronize watches in regard to movie-watching around here, and just as we finished, Mdd decided that she wanted to watch it, too. I concentrated more on my knitting than the movie the second time around, and finished both flaps, crocheted the ties, and sewed up the back seam. It's fini! Isn't it cute? (Details in "Recently Completed" photo album.) I'll start on the outfit today.

Ai filled in at the local antique mall a few mornings this week. Doesn't she look excited? Both K & A worked with me a few years ago when I worked at an antique mall, and some days are just kinda slow...

I have today off this week, rather than the usual Wednesday. DH has some out-of-town business to attend to this weekend, and the grrs and I have plans... He'll be leaving just after lunch, but we'll wait 'til he comes back to get whatever he forgot (that happens 99 times out of a 100, whether he's going to the library or going out of town), and then we'll get started. Details soon.



You NEED to knit some socks!!!!.....Good luck with the decorating.


Give in to the sock knitting! Resistance is futile! Muahahahaha!


I just started knitting socks this year. It is great! I love them. Highly portable. And self-patterninng is good, mindless TV knitting.

The sleepover went really well. :) Thanks for all of your kind and helpful comments.

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