BLTs for lunch

Teaching an old dog... tricks! Sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake, but eventually it all comes together. I won't say that I've mastered knitting from a chart, but I've definitely made progress. It wasn't until I showed my cut & pasted chart for the Galway hat to K (having already showed it to DH), explaining (complaining) about the herky-jerky flow, that I realized I needed only change the order of the charts. Book learnin' told me to paste down the charts in A-B-C order, but logic finally kicked in and, if you're beginning with Chart A, reading Row 1 right to left, then the charter order should be C-B-A! Ta-daaaa!!

Well, things moved along nicely after that -- and the headache I had on Saturday morning from Friday night's fitful "reading" did not return. I polished off row 120 of 180 for the brim yesterday and it's looking very nice. Having moved up a couple of needle sizes, it will definitely fit an adult head when finished.

Pleased with my progress on Galway, I made up with Audrey last night and cast on for the body again. I definitely feel more in charge this time around. I have just a couple of rows 'til I start the increases. Pics tomorrow.

I'd taped "The Singing Nun" on TCM the other night and was able to watch it on Saturday afternoon. I always seem to miss it on TV and it's been ages. It wasn't as heart-wrenching a movie as I remember, but Dominic is still cute as a button and I still like that song. I'd forgotten that Katherine Ross played Dominic's sister. Katherine Ross makes me think of "The Stepford Wives" (she was in the original for those of you too young to remember) and with a new version of that movie coming out, well, it ought to be interesting with Nicole Kidman, Bette Midler, and Christopher Walken!

My baby sis, her husband, and one of his sons came up to visit on Sunday/Monday. (The other son was in Washington, D.C., with his high school band to play at the WWII Memorial! His Nana, a nurse in the war, went with him!) We invited Mom over and made burgers on the grill between raindrops and had a nice visit. They're a wacky family and we always have a ball together. We'll be meeting up again over the 4th at Dad's place, along with Twin-K's family -- fire, water, badminton, board games -- it'll be a hoot.

In regard to Comments: Yvette wondered what defined knitting in the Scottish style (as proclaimed in "About Me"), and I told her about the recent article in Interweave Knits. Turns out that she's Scottish and that's how she was taught; that's how her granny and aunts all knit! Her aunts and various others get together weekly for a knitting bee! Doesn't that sound like fun?? And I love Kathleen's use of a Q-tip for a cable needle. I had a hard enough time wrapping my head around knitting from a chart without thinking about cabling without a needle -- especially a cross-over cable -- so I'll attempt that another time! I wonder what else people have used as a substitute needle?


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