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SleevesIt's official. I've dropped out of the Audrey Knit-along. I hated to do it, but it is what it is. Cromarty! I neglected to show you a picture of the completed sleeve. Here it is atop one of the finished Audrey sleeves. Darn that Laurel color, it just refuses to be true!

It's slow going on the body -- 184 stitches and all that cabling, I'm lucky if I get through two rows an hour right now. I'm hoping that my speed will pick up a bit. I'm closing in on the completion of the first Chart C repeat, but there's still a ways to go before the first repeat of Chart D is behind me.

HydrangeaI have three hydrangea bushes planted out front, but only one of those is giving me flowers (two) this year. Isn't it lovely? I snapped a pic of the balloon flower this morning -- one of the most interesting flower buds ever -- but I messed up. Hopefully, I can show you tomorrow.



That sleeve is amazing, I sooo love cables, but whether or not I have the patience for so many of them is another story!


According to the picture, Cromarty is elbowing Audrey out of the way. (Oh, with the bad puns.) It looks like a good choice--lovely sleeve.


Beautiful Cromarty and hydrangea, too. We can't grow them in Utah....sigh.


That sleeve is gorgeous! So is your hydrangea. I only have lacecap hydrangea planted now, but luckily I have a friend who is a commercial grower of hydrangea and some of the varieties that he has are simply breathtaking! I can always get my hydrangea "fix"!

I have a list of seeds to trade on my blog. Let me know if you want any of them. I know the foxglove and columbine should grow for you there!


Funny that I was just eyeballing those cables, thinking oooh, I like those. Then I looked at my lap at what I'm working on and realized oh, yeah. They match.... :)


Here you dropped out and I just joined the Audrey knitalong! Is she that hard? I love the sleeve of your Cromarty. I LOVE cables. Beautiful work!!

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