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My beautiful balloon

BellflowerHere's that pretty little balloon flower that I promised to show you. Aren't those buds just the coolest thing? K and I saw a real hot-air balloon floating in the sky the other night. I'd sure like to do that someday.

I went thrift store shopping with K&A yesterday. I had an armload of Aunt Lydia's rug yarn at one point -- all at a really great price -- but the grrs nixed it on the grounds of color. I can get carried away by the deal, so I didn't mind when I heard, in an incredulous tone, "Do you want a rug in that color??" My only prize of the day were some lovely, 14", beautiful blue, US8, metal knitting needles. I'm waiting for the day when I have my turn at scoring big in the thrift store knitting hunt.


Will you look at this? I received at email from a lady named Sandy the other day. She lives in St. Louis and is planning to open a knitting shop called knitorious in September (now closed). She couldn't believe that we shared a name. We have a lot in common -- we're about the same age, both live in old houses, both collect old china (she hasn't intentionally broken any yet, but I have a feeling that she will someday), and we share a love for knitting and a now name! She said that yarn vendors are busy, busy, busy and it's been hard to get attention from them!

A trip to St. Louis has been on my list for a while -- maybe October or November. Hmmmm, wouldn't that make a nice birthday present?



That's incredible about the yarn shop. :) Sounds like a terrific excuse to get away. Love the flower. Gracie and I went on a captive balloon when we were in Paris. It was incredible.


I live in St. Louis! If Sandy sees this she should e-mail me - exciting news! I want to know when and where.


Where in St Louis? I live here too!

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