No doubt
I'll be in hot water

Not a stitch

It's a good thing that I'm flexible... I don't think I even had a chance to glance longingly at my knitting last night! Best intentions, blahblahblah -- it was laundry, plus I left work a little later than usual, and I took a little detour! I guess I'm still catching up from the whirlwind last weekend. The grrs have been helping, and even M has taken an interest in the washing machine control panel and learning which dispenser is for which liquid, but they only go so far...

It appeared to be a basket of clean towels sitting by the dryer last night, but towels were really only the top layer. Underneath, all squished, was a load of "lights." Here's my Heloise-ish laundry tip: If you forget about a load in the dryer (or it's squished under a load of towels in a laundry basket) and you have a strong aversion to ironing (as I have), separate the wrinkles-don't-matter stuff from the items you wish to have wrinkle-free. Throw the latter back into the dryer, along with a well-moistened cloth (a dishtowel, some socks, underwear from the load that's sitting in the washer work well, too), and turn it back on for a while. Voila! It really works. If you want to feel like a true model of efficiency, let the dryer do it's work while you take your morning shower. It's heady stuff.

image_825cover_500989My detour last night was to my really local yarn/gift shop. There's a "yarn" partner and a "gift" partner. For the first time, the "yarn" partner was at the helm when I stopped in. She crochets much more than she knits, and she's a talker -- in a good way. I had asked them --
a l-o-n-g time ago -- to order "Street Smart" for me, as the "Must Have Cardigan" was put on my must-do (someday) list the moment I saw it. Well, booklet is in-hand! I also bought a couple skeins of Elsebeth Lavold's "Silky Wool." It sounds so yummy -- and it feels that way, too! I plan to make a nice, wide, long, cable-y scarf as a Christmas present; wide and long enough to cover the head and still wrap well around the neck.

The good news is that it's a very light day at work today and I brought Cromarty with me. Knitting will be done!


Update: 2:42 p.m. Knitting has been done! I always feel weird knitting at work, even if there's no one here and nothing to do -- like I'm so obviously not doing anything even remotely related to work. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures and I've gone without knitting for far too long (over a week!). As of this minute, the first repeat of Cromarty Chart D is complete!




You have such good taste! I was just "browsing" around online looking at cabled hoody patterns (Debbie Bliss and Phildar have some pretty ones) and remembered the "Must Have" too. Well, now that you've got the pattern I "must have" it too! A scarf in the Silky Wool will be scrumptious. What color did you get?


Hmmmm, more cables yummy yummy.
Me too I want it.


i just love that cardi. those cables are just amazing. i want to knit a cabled cardi too. i'm warming up with a hat now.


oh if i had known i could have got you a copy of the must have.i've been wanting to do this one since last fall but never got around to it.

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