My beautiful balloon
I'm back

Was I going somewhere?

Yesterday, I was so excited about balloon flowers, thrift store knitting needles, and a coming-soon knitting (and cross stitch) shop in St. Louis, that I completely forgot to write anything about my knitting! Well, I've completed the first and begun the second Chart C repeat on the body piece of Cromarty, and am within a half-dozen rows of completing the first Chart D repeat. I can now estimate that it'll take one ball of Calmer for each D repeat.

In the mailbox was "Simple Socks, Plain and Fancy," by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts. I'm told that resistance to sock-knitting is futile, so now I'll be ready when I'm overcome by Sock Fever. This was my first-ever Bonus Points purchase from Crafter's Choice Book Club. Their service and delivery is excellent.

We're still waiting for a delivery from Barnes & Noble. It appears to be hung up in Minneapolis. I guess free shipping on orders over $25 means don't be in any hurry. Hmph.

I wasn't planning on going anywhere this weekend except, perhaps, the grocery store or something. Well, big news: life is unpredictable. I'll be driving to Kansas, leaving this evening. My youngest sister, stepfather and I will be going down there to get another sister. Plans are uncertain beyond that; the important thing is just to get her outta there. I may not be back 'til Tuesday.

So, y'all have a good weekend, okay?



Take care, drive safely and we will be thinking of you.


Take care...I hope your sister is okay. Safe trip.


sounds like a rescue -- hope it all goes well!


Hope you have a safe trip. Just wanted to say, in case anyone reading your blog took note, that I swatched for Cromarty with the Silky Wool and while I like the yarn I don't think the cables will "pop" enough. I have some Calmer on its way so hopefully I'll be happy with that. Now, what to do with the Silky Wool!


Resisting sock knitting is indeed futile. Although I had purchased a knitting book a year before I was overcome by self-patterning yarn/socks and knit a pair.( Still haven't made the socks I bought the book for - a pair of entrelac beauties.)
Take care.


I hope all goes well...

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