Not a stitch
Clean as a whistle

I'll be in hot water

I hope I'll be in hot water today! What are the forces that conspire to make my water heater rupture on the weekend? Always the weekend. Every time. A&M were very brave yesterday and took cold showers. I was all ready to do so myself this morning, and made it as far as the bathroom before I changed my mind. Couldn't do it -- 5:30 a.m. is a bit too early! I sponged, fluffed my hair, sprayed an extra spritz of perfume -- and let's hope that Sears comes today to make good on their warranty.

DH just called with an update. Someone was at the door at 8:30 to verify that our water heater was, indeed, leaking. He was not authorized to replace it, though; that's a different department. What's this guy's department -- the water heater leak-verifying department? The store called at 10:00 and said that they're very busy, but they'll try to get someone (from the water heater replacement department?) out this afternoon. My fingers are crossed.

We went to the farmer's market early on Saturday morning and came home with an abundance of fresh produce. Bi-color corn, tomatoes, candy onions, blueberries, zucchini and pattypan squash. I love this time of year!

I played around making a chart for the Silky Wool scarf on Saturday. I did it on the computer. K called me a geek, "in a good way"! I cast on, knit a repeat, and it's not as wide as I'd like. And it's cables. While I love cables, I do have Cromarty and Tasha on my plate and St. Brigid is looming; I could use something without cables at the moment. I'll be froggin' and will do something different this time. Maybe something more open and lacy. We'll see... I do like working with the Silky Wool.

I spent some good time with Cromarty on Saturday night and Sunday and am about half-way through the second repeat of the main chart -- there will be 5 in all. It didn't take long to get back in the groove! I'm so glad to have it back home!



Yikes!! - Cold showers, no thanks, I wouldn't have been up for that either at 5.30am. On the other hand today its about 40deg outside and NO WIND, so a cold shower is the choice in this house!!
Glad you got back into the swing of Cromarty easily, can't wait to see what lacy project you come up with for the Silky Wool.


Oh dear! I hope that your water heater woes are resolved quickly!
That silky wool is beautiful stuff, I saw some at a LYS recently. A lace pattern sounds like a nice change from all those fabulous cable projects you have going on!


I'm so sorry about your hot water heater. Oh Boy,I can relate with that. We had 2 hot water heaters burst within 2 weeks of each other. And, it's always on the weekend. Go figure. It must be Murphy's Law!!! I posted all about it on my blog awhile ago. I had to get it all out somewhere. Good luck and I'll prey for you that they comme out today!! :-)


here's tip for those without hot water. I discovered that it doesn't take as much boiling water as you think to bring a bathtub (partially filled with cold water) to an acceptable tubbing temperature. If memory serves, I think it was just one pot the size used to make pasta ......

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