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My trip to Saturn

Darn it. I think we misunderstood what we were told about A's brake pads. It turns out that they don't need to be replaced yet, but it cost me $20 for that information. They did find something else, of course, but it's not urgent -- thank goodness, because my car service cost a pretty penny yesterday. Ugh. There's still more that they could do, too, but I don't think a functional rear wiper is essential (at least not at that price!).

Mom picked me up, along with K&A, at Saturn and we went to the estate sale. She found a few things, I found a few things, the grrs were b-o-r-e-d. I did find a bag of cute buttons and I know K has been wanting to make another button-trimmed cardi (see July 12th), and though they were various sizes, almost all of them were red, so we passed. My haul did include a bag of reasonable looking yarn-stuffs for $3 -- there were several "unreasonable" bags with "Super Saver" labels visible through the plastic. The one that I brought home had nine balls of some old, 100% wool, Bernat -- are you ready -- sock yarn. Well, it's fingering, but it says "socks" quite prominently. Yeah, I'll be getting to socks one of these days. I do believe I have everything (and more) that I need to start. There were a few balls of some other Bernat yarn (the labels are cute), and some Coats & Clark and DMC thread with small pieces of knitted lace attached -- one of them was still on the (size 1) needle. Buried deep within the yarn were some mechanical things and a contraption made with dowels -- I have no idea if they're related to each other or even to knitting. I will post some pics soon and see if any of you have a clue.

And it's just too bad that this sale was held where it was, and that three doors down from a cute little shop that we frequent whenever we're in that city, and across the street from a restaurant we also like, is a yarn shop. It's a nice one. Trying to keep the cost of car repairs in mind, I dove into the sale bin and came up with two hanks of Classic Elite Waterspun Weekend in a nice gold color, as well as 22 hanks of something Jamieson & Smith (hmm, also in gold) for only $2.75 each. Darn good SExpedition. They had a small triangular shawl/large scarf on display that would be the perfect project for the AlCaMi alpaca from my SP; alas, no pattern. It was all garter stitch, though, and shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

Since A's car needed no repairs, it was done far sooner than mine. Mom & I dropped the grrs off at Saturn and we continued on our little outing alone. Browsing, mostly, hitting some shops that we hadn't been to in quite a while -- fall & halloween stuff is very evident! I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since the kids are heading back to school in less than a week, but it seems like we hardly had a summer. Mom bought some really cute pumpkins made of orange chenille; they were on sale, so likely last year's models, but very cute nonetheless. We strolled through the area's highest quality antique shop, also. Oh, they had some cute little sewing stands... I have a thing for those; I can't afford them, so I have a small collection of sewing baskets, instead. Not that I sew much. They're good for holding small quantities of yarn, too.

Because of the modifications I had to make to Cromarty due to gauge issues, I had to make myself quite a chart. It's so long and wide that I had to cut it in half vertically and score each half into thirds horizontally so I can fold it, store it and tote it. It's really pretty obnoxious. I am happy to report that I've finished the first half of the chart and am a few rows into the second half. And that means that I'm half-way on the first body piece! Woohoo!



woohoo! glad to hear you are making such great progress on Cromarty. what's happening with st. brigid?

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