How many times can I hit snooze?
Olive Drab to lift my spirits

It's remover alright

To be perfectly honest, the weekend sucked and next weekend won't be much better. The only knitting was on Friday night; I'm to the shoulder/saddle on the St. Brigid sleeve and I'm leaving it at that until I finish a body piece to see how it all measures up. I keep plugging away on Cromarty, too.

My sister and I met an aunt an uncle and their spouses at Grandma's house this weekend to prepare for a rummage sale. My grandmother was a frugal, frugal woman; she never threw anything out. Ever. Anything. So, there's just lots of stuff. She'd been trying to go through and pare down over the past few years, but as my uncle said, she never really got rid of anything, she just moved it someplace else in the house (a big house). Anyway, ick; I'm glad that part's done.

I need to get rid of shit in my house.

Okay, so on Saturday night, my sis and I got home late. We sat in on the end of "My Fair Lady" with the grrs. Afterwards, I was outside the bathroom door as my sister was getting ready for her nighttime ritual and she said, "Oh, good, you have baby lotion -- that's what I use to remove my eye makeup." Hm, I thought, I don't remember having baby lotion... I poked my head through the doorway as she grabbed the pink bottle and turned it around; it was Nair. The best laugh I had all weekend. Ya wouldn't even need eye makeup remover then, wouldya?


Curlie Girl/Kim

Oh NOOOOO!!!! Nair!


My eyes hurt thinking about the Nair!

Happily, I've been on the "receiving cool stuff in the mail" end of the clean up of my grandparent's place and all their stuff. It's sounds completely physically and emotionally draining. It also makes me want to get rid of stuff.

Can we see the new sleeve?


Thanks for the laugh! I love the Nair story.

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