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Knitting fever

It's the first day of school

M set her alarm for 5:30 this morning! She is so funny... She wanted a leisurely morning on this first day of school -- 8th grade. A doesn't have to report to school until after lunch for her first day as a senior. Yikes. K is getting settled in her dorm and sending emails about things she forgot; her first day of classes is tomorrow. She's having a hard time getting used to the loft bed. She never really slept in a bunk bed before and doesn't like being so close to the ceiling. We considered cutting it down a bit, but then it would be useless underneath and, well, isn't that the point? She'll get used to it.

SBswatchSBswatchesTa da! Here are the swatches for St. Brigid that I've been trying to post the last few days. The swatch on the left was with my US8 bamboos, the one on the right was with US7 aluminum. The gauge is darn close to what's called for in the pattern with the 8s, but I still want to do some math.

M was knitting on her scarf on and off yesterday. I took a look when I got home from work and she pointed out a "funny" spot. She'd dropped a stitch. I told her that the best way to fix it was to rip it back to that point -- 10 or 12 rows -- and she had no qualms about it! She's a little frogger!!

I'm going to Grandma's today. She moved into an assisted living apartment a few months ago. That was hard, but she's getting used to the change. She has someone to play Scrabble with! Her household is being broken up so the house can be sold. It's going to be a weird day.



Love that brown for Brigid...very autumnal

Keeping g-ma busy is what kept my gma happy...she was such a gin rummy addict...she always played it...and WON!

First day of school...gotta love it!


I can't believe the difference in the swatch between a size 7 and 8 needle!
Couldn't you have told M to pick up that dropped stitch using a crochet hook? Or did you just want her to learn how to frog...ribbit? ;-)


I love the color of your swatch. I am behind on checking St. Brigid sites due to the puter issues. Hopefully, the hubster will work on my laptop tonight. Dell seems to have abandoned us.

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