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Olive Drab to lift my spirits

Palsock1There was a box from my Secret Pal in yesterday's mail. What great timing... I really needed a lift. And what do you know, more sock-enabling material! Palsock2This is so cool! I have seen this Red Cross Knit Kit around for a while and it's right up my alley. I love historical stuff. Though I recall seeing the kit around the blogs, I don't recall seeing finished socks -- has anyone knit them? I was a little surprised at the softness of the yarn. Yum. Thank you, Secret Pal!

Palsock4[Ooops. I just hit "Save" instead of "Preview" and I'm not finished!]

Wow, as I near the finish of the front/back of Cromarty, it's slow going. I knit and knit and knit and though I know I'm moving the row marker and clicking the counter, it doesn't seem like I'm getting any closer to the end! I would like to finish that piece before casting on anything else; then I will likely do the second sleeve for both St. Brigid and Cromarty. That's the plan right now.

I will show you the St. Brigid sleeve sometime this week. And though I was a little grumbly yesterday about all of Grandma's stuff, I have come across some "cool stuff," and I plan to share a little of that soon, too. I think it will make me feel better.



Yay! I love these tins and more sock enabling....
Repeat after me "I will knit socks, I will knit socks, I will knit socks"
See now you have to knit them, no-one else has and we NEED to see how that yarn knits up!!
Can't wait to see all your cool stuff from Grandmas house.


Excellent gift. Very cool.


I did not think you were grumpy at all yesterday...I love that sock kit, luck girl : )


No excuse now!! Bring on the socks!! hee!


Oh I've been eyeing that kit! You definitely have to knit them soon so we can all see them :) (no pressure no pressure)


Hey cool... wish my secret pal would send me one!


I saw the WWII knit kit in the Lion Brand catalog. I've been searching for olive drab yarn to knit a WWI blanket pattern I found online. It is a solid field of olive drab with a 1918 US flag in the center. While googling on "olive drab yarn", I came across your site. Am curious to know about the yarn. Do you know who manufactured it? Still looking for a source of olive drab yarn in worsted weight!

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