Sitting 'round the campfire

Well, the weather was crap most of the weekend. It was nice on Saturday when we drove up, and nice on Monday when we drove home, but cool and/or rainy and/or windy all the while we were up north -- except in the evening when we sat around the campfire. The three youngest got their feet wet on Sunday afternoon, but there was no waterskiing or tubing for anyone.

We ate a lot. And played cards. And ate while we played cards. The grrs did a lot of reading. Dad had some old photographs and a few of Grandma's paintings, and we grrs helped him hang them in the cabin. There was a fairly dry period when Dad took the three eldest grrs target shooting at a gravel pit -- none of them have much experience, but all are darn good shots.

Besides us (Twin-S, Twin-K and her DH and three kids, Dad, me and my three kids), an aunt, uncle, cousin and Grandma were up north, also; another uncle popped in for a few hours on Sunday. I guess that visiting around the campfire each night with everyone was the highlight of the weekend. No one brought any s'more makings, though.

Even though I've never knit while visiting up north and thought that my hands could use a break, I threw the knitting bag in the van while packing anyway. I even took the bag out of the van once but, true to form, never did knit. I had a couple of loads of laundry to do before bed last night, though, and was able to get through a few more rows on Cromarty. I'm getting so close to finishing the first body piece, it's very exciting!

I was hard at work with scissors and tape on Friday, putting together the sleeve chart for St. Brigid. I stuffed my swatches in my pocket on my way out the door this morning, will re-read the weekend KAL messages regarding row gauge today, and will try to formulate a plan.



Sounds like you had a great weekend catching up with your family, my kids had s'mores for the first time on our trip yummmmmmmy!!


It is a documented fact that women are better shooters than men. I use to shoot bow and arrow and always beat the guys. Yea women!!


Sounds like a terrific weekend--albeit no knitting content. :) I had no issue with row gauge on Na Craga but my mother has always had row gauge issues on her AS Fair Isles. How much Cascade did you purchase anyway? I bought 10 for Na Craga and had at least 2+ leftover.


Sounds like you had a very enjoyable time at the cabin with your family. Guess there are times when bringing out the knitting needles, no matter how much you want to, just takes second place. But, hey, campfires and s'mores just go together. Next time you go, try this: unzip a banana but leave the peel attached at one end. Cut the banana lengthwise to form a groove (not all the way through). Insert about 2 Hershey's chocolate minitures in the banana. Fold the peel back up and wrap in a piece of aluminum foil and place on the cinders--or coals. Just leave it on long enough to melt the chocolate. Messy, but oh so good. :)


Welcome back! Sorry to hear that you were plagued by bad weather!
That St Brigid sounds like a LOT of work, I'm sure it'll be lovely though!

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