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St. Brigid

web20sbsleeve1Well, here's a start on a sleeve for St. Brigid. Wow, I love this yarn. Ick, I hate wonky stitches. Geez, why can't I pay attention? This is two repeats and I think I'm going to call it a big swatch. A lot of these stitches are just way too loose. When I begin again, I'm going to knit the straight stitches on either side of the braided cables through the back -- I like how that looks on Cromarty and it keeps those stitches from being too loose. When the increases number 15 on each side, they are knit in the braided cable pattern, also. Until that point is reached, these stitches are supposed to be knit in straight stitch, but I may do some of them in reverse straight stitch right off the bat -- I think it will look better once the braid begins. I think... And looky there, it seems that I crossed the cables correctly in the first repeat, but not in the second.

I had a nice, 3-1/2 hour lunch yesterday with Mom and two antique dealer friends who used to be tenants in the antique mall where I worked. The husband of one of these ladies has been out of work for several months, and finally got a good job offer -- in Indiana. Their eldest is a senior this year, so Mom and kids will stay here 'til school ends. We will savor our long lunches over the next several months.



Good Morning. I love the pattern you are working on! The color is so warm and lucious looking. I guess cables are much like stranded knitting in that you have to really follow those charts or you end up with a mess or what I like to call "creative knitting"! I took a class from Anna Zilboorg at the Maryland Sheep and Fiber Festival this year. She taught us to do some different cable patterns using charts---never could get those darn things to swing in the right direction :)


It's funny how miscrossed cables seem to stick out more in a picture than they do in real life.

Looks like it will be a beautiful sweater!

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