St. Brigid
Whatever it takes...

Write it down

Ya know, I love the cables, but there are issues: see below, and here, and here, and here, and even some other minor annoyances that I've never reported; and I have to fix 'em. Well, there's just gotta be a better way, don't you think? I've been looking at the photo I posted today, and muttering to myself about inattention and lack of concentration, and wondering if there's some way to make this easier. How am I ever going to knit this sweater if it's one step back for every two forward? It's obvious that I like the visuals, having made the obnoxiously large (but darn thorough) charts for Cromarty. I'll do it for St. Brigid, if needed, but I was hoping not. The main problem is in spotting which cables are held in front and which behind. M'thinks the solution is... ya ready?... highlighters. Duh. One color for front and one for back. Double-Duh.

Am I just dense? It's a rare two-post day and it may not seem worthy, but I just had to write it down.



Even with the wrong crosses--it looks terrific. I meant to start again on mine but got caught up in the Meathead and finishing that 2 skein poncho. Which I will wear at work today. I hope Granny puts the AC on. :) Highlighters sound like a great idea. Do you use a magnetic board and move the magnet as you go?

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