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Dang.  There are pics in my camera, too!  The yummy alpaca that Lynne sent was in yesterday's mail!  It's super, super soft and so very pretty.  Thanks, Lynne!  I have a vague notion of what I'll do with it.

Mdd stayed home from school yesterday with a sore throat; she's better today and guess what she wore to school?

I went to conferences with Ai last night -- she's doing so well; I told her art teacher that we were just there because Ai needed an ego boost!  The only complaint, and I heard it from every teacher, is that she's too quiet.

Kt called again last night (I think she's really looking forward to coming home this weekend, and Christmas break is looking especially good).  She reminisced about her one bad conference experience -- she was failing 6th grade math.  You may recall that this is my wanderlust child; in 6th grade, she was dreaming of going to school in France.  She told me about some of her friends "getting into so much trouble" at home because of bad conferences.  She laughed as she recalled that all I said to her was, "Well, if you want to go to school in France, you're going to have to get better grades than that."  I could have ranted and raved, screamed and hollered, grounded her from something or everything -- for a week, a month, the rest of her life -- I'm sure a part of me wanted to!

Ha!  I was just going to write that I'm a woman of few words.  Maybe a woman of few spoken words!  I have the ability to rant and rave, I do it in my head all the time, but I don't often do it aloud.  I guess that's an instance where I chose the correct few words (that's the key, I think), because it's eight years later and the message is still fresh!

Okay, 'nuff about the kids.  Someone happened upon m'blog using the search term "Gregory Peck sigh."  That reminded me that we saw "To Kill A Mockingbird" on TCM's "The Essentials" on Saturday night.  Oh, I love that man!  Next weekend, it's "Doctor Zhivago."  That's the first grown-up movie that my mom took me to see.  She had just taken a class in Russian history, so spent the entire movie whispering historical facts into my ear.  I love that movie, though, and in no small part because of that movie-going experience with my mom.  And Omar Sharif...

So, what about the knitting?  Over the past two weeks, I've been working on a model for my most local LY&GS.  I don't really have time for that, but I wanted to help them out, so I chose a project using Cascade Magnum (#CYPB103) that would knit up quickly -- and it would have if the pattern hadn't had typos and errors.  I had the back knit and 2/3 of the front before I tore it out, re-wrote it so it made sense, and started anew.  I made some changes, too; short-rowed for the armholes, left off the front pocket, and knit a collar rather than the hood.  This is FAT yarn and it makes a very warm, bulky vest -- it doesn't flatter me much, but it's cute on Mdd.  Anyway, with the changes, it took three hanks rather than four, so I'm knitting mittens using that Lion Brand pattern I mentioned yesterday (also with minor changes) -- I finished one last night and they are going to be great!  I might get a hat out of it, too.  I'm also thinking of using it in place of fleece for something thrummed -- they are closely related.



We also watch the movie on Saturday. It made me so happy to "catch." What a great film!


Curlie Girl/Kim

I'm just catching up on my blog reading...I LOVE the fabric Ali chose for her skirt. I have my two bedrooms done in french toile, but maybe I should convert the linen into skirts. I would love to see a photo of her finished skirt if Ali doesn't mind!


I don't understand why it is a *negative* or a complaint for a child to be "too quiet". I have heard that about my daughter as well. She is doing great academically, but she is quiet. So?!? That is just her personality~ celebrate it!


Oh how I miss TCM I love, love, love old movies.
Its cool when your kids want to wear the clothes that you make them, glad Maddy is feeling better. I wish I had teacher conferences like yours, my boys hate school here and I dread talking to their teachers.
Thanks so much for my SURPRISE, I love it and if I knew how to get my pictures onto the blog, everyone could see!!


I am in love Gregory Peck. And to Kill a Mockingbird is my favorite book of all time. I would like to name my daughter Scout... but in French they pronounce it "scoot" and the meaning isn't as nice in French. Maybe Jean Louise, but everyone would think it's a boy...


I love Doctor Zhivago! Great movie. Which reminds me, the movie my mom introduced me to is White Christmas. I still watch it at least once over the holidays every single year!

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