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Thank you, honey

Aftermath_1When I came downstairs on Friday morning after Ai’s party, there was a pop can (or four) everywhere I looked. Apparently, the kids were impressed enough by the number of cans, too, that they snapped this Warhol-esque picture during clean-up.

Halloween1_1Here are the grrs as they headed out yesterday afternoon. Kt’s "dressed as" a college student on her way back to school after putting in 17 hours at her weekend job; Ai, of course, is Raggedy Ann; and ::gasp:: I bought Mdd’s she-devil costume at Target on Saturday afternoon. Yeah, they’re a little old for trick-or-treating, that’s why they only went to friends’ houses.

Among the notable guests at my door yesterday was Bob The Builder. He’s kinda short. I gave him his treats and his mom reminded him of his manners, “Say ‘Thank you,’ honey.” He looked at me and said, “Thank you, honey”! All together now: Awwwwwww.

Blue2_1Blue1_1We draw names for Christmas in our family and this year I have my lapsed knitter sister. We talked on Friday night and Christmas was one of the topics. She’s absolutely convinced that she’s going to be getting something knitted for Christmas. I did start the Flower Basket Shawl with her in mind, but I don’t know if I’ll get it finished. What I really want to do is lure her back into the knitterly fold. I intend to give her the VK handy reference book and thought Scarf Style would be a nice addition, too, because she wears scarves a lot. But, after living in Kansas for that past several years, she doesn’t have much left in the way of cold-weather gear, and she’s gonna need some. I’d been working on St. Brigid before our phone call, but put it away as soon as I hung up and started some 2-needle thrummed mitts. There was a false start, as the mitt I finished on Saturday is more suited to a child. I re-did the numbers and started another during the Packers/Redskins football-game-with-possible-election-day-ramifications yesterday and it’s working out much better. I love how this yarn looks.

Don’t forget about my 3-part birthday contest – deadline is Friday. Part I, match songs & artists; Part II, my year of high school graduation based on song list; Part III, my age on November 6th. To my non-U.S. friends, high school graduation occurs upon completion of 12th grade and the school career begins at around age 5 (kindergarten). Even if you don’t enter the contest, I hope you have a little smile when you read through that song list – I can’t help it, I do! From the entries so far, it sounds like y’all are having fun with it. Send me an email, and don’t forget to include your url if you have one.



I love that blue yarn! Are you liking the two-needle mittens better than the ones in the round? By the way, I'm glad your 'too-old for trick-or-treating' girls are still in the spirit of the occasion!


Your girls look great, I haven't started my mitts yet, they are on the list, but other things keep jumping the queue! No doubt I will have a mad panic when it suddenly gets freezing.
I am still working on my answers....


The girls look terrific. Halloween was quieter than I expected but the kids had fun nonetheless. Terrific that you got your sister for Christmas. That Scarf Style looks like a nice book.


How CUTE!! My littlest boy was Bob the Builder also and it's his first time actually going door to door and trick or treating (he's 4). The first few houses, he just walked right on inside .


Vicki...when is your birthday? Mine is the 9th. Scorpio's rule!!! :-)
I just love those mittens.


Thanks for sharing your pictures. I'm having so much fun cruising the blogs and looking at all the halloween photos that people have posted!

Those mitts look great! Love the blue!

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