Mississippi by-pass
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Any doubts?

In the last day or so, I've had umptybazillion livejournal hits from this post where the link points to Katie's Point 5 scarf as shown on this very blog a few days ago.  Commenting is restricted there, or I'd have said Howdy-do & Thanks, so let me just say it here!  Don't be shy, you guys, I'd love to hear your comments.  I talked with Katie last night and shared all the wonderful comments about her funky, artsy-fartsy scarf, and she was quite pleased.

The family checked in from New Orleans yesterday afternoon.  They'd gone to Gulf Shores, Mississippi, yesterday afternoon (where they'd originally intended to spend a night) and also to Kiln for a photo op.  Huh?  They're staying at the edge of the French Quarter and called me after having dinner last night.  I just about died laughing when DH told me where they ate -- Chez Wendy's.  Ah, well, a 2-hour, $30/person dinner would have been completely unappreciated by half of that party.  They'll be heading a little further west this afternoon.  And, van repairs took a day and cost less than $500 -- I was expecting double that dollar figure, so I guess I'm *happy* with that.

I am day-boarding our beagle, Mickey, this week while the family is gone.  I work a 10-hour day, and I'm gone more like 11 with travel time, and that's just way too long for a pup to be alone.  She's just a few doors down from where I work.  Yesterday was her first day and boy, was she excited to see me and pooped when she got home.  She reminded me of Chance (Michael J. Fox's character) in the movie Homeward Bound, greeting the kitties with a frenetic enthusiasm to which they responded... well, yeah, what's the big fat deal ya dippy dog?  Poor Mickey, she was SO excited to see them!!

In other news, a corner of a tooth broke off last night and have to make the dreaded call to the dreaded dentist.  There is some sensitivity, but it's not painful.  I was eating caramel popcorn with almonds and pecans -- just recently delivered by my Boy Scout nephew.

If you've ever had any doubt about how well you sew up a sweater, just try taking one apart.  I've had at least two garments in the frog pile for about a year.  Last night, I decided that I'd tear apart a blue cardigan.  I started at a little after 7 and thought I'd get it done during NCIS.  Well, maybe House, too.  Okay, Law & Order SVU.  Huh?  Crossing Jordan, too, and I'm still not done.  I ripped the button bands and collar and wound them on the swift.  What was I doing for four hours?  Finding the damn ends from seaming and undoing them.  In all that time, I managed to detach the sleeves and undo the side seams.  I've still got front and back attached at the shoulders (I think I three-needled those).  Good grief!

Anyway, I'm going to knit the very same cardigan (I think it's Debbie Bliss Merino), just a little bigger.  I've used the pattern before with different yarn and it's one of my favorites -- a sweater I wear a LOT.  It's also a very quick knit.

Finally, Cara has formed a knit blogger's reading group, Knit One Read Two -- it'll have a blog and everything.



The Point 5 scarf is REALLY cool. It takes such nice advantage of the yarn.

Your girls look so snuggly in their faux-fur. :)


I just joined Cara's group this morning... sounds fun to read and knit! :)


Oh, the dreaded caramel popcorn! I broke a tooth earlier this month on peppermint bark. I had to have a crown (my second in two months). Good luck at the dentist. :)


Oh... A Favre-related trip! Sounds like fun.

I hope your tooth feel better!

We have a beagle, also!

Bits of rambling here, sorry!


It's my fault you got so many hits. ;) I couldn't help it - it needed to be shared!

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