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Oldwire_1This is a gorgeous, antique ornament that I bought from one of our dealers when I worked at the antique mall.  She had three and now I wish I'd bought all of them.  The most likely reason I didn't is price.  I don't recall how much this was, but I think it was a lot -- $25-30?  I love these old wire ornaments -- and this one has that cool tinsel dangly thing at the bottom.  It's one of my faves.  I have a lot of faves -- because of the way they look or for sentimental reasons -- and it's more a struggle every year to give each the place of prominence on the tree they deserve!

Crosssanta2And this little guy is one of three -- I made one for each of the grrs.  I believe the pattern was in Cross Stitch & Country Crafts magazine and it was some years ago.  The head/body, arms, legs, and boots are each stitched separately.  They are backed with fabric, sealed (I forgot exactly what was used for sealer) and cut out.  The pieces are joined with string and knots and if you pull on the red beads at the bottom, it all moves like an old-fashioned toy.  This is one of my most favorite cross-stitch Christmas projects -- it was intense, but worth it!

I'm heading south for an overnighter with my sis -- another will join us for lunch and teensy bit of shopping this afternoon.  I don't want any snow hindering travel, Mother Nature, so try to hold off 'til Sunday, okay?  Snow and cold on Sunday afternoon, starting at about 3:15, would be okay -- the Packers play the Lions at Lambeau and, well, snow and cold and Brett Favre go together like brats and mustard and beer!  Have a great weekend everyone.



Great ornaments! The wire one is... *wow* spectacular! Of course, the santa one has such motherly charm that it's just as wonderful. :) Enjoy your weekend!


Those are lovely ornaments.... Nice job on the thrummed mittens.


I love seeing other people's Christmas ornaments. The cross stitch Santa certainly is a labor of love!


Those ornaments are gorgeous, hope you had a great weekend without snow.


Beautiful. One of my favorite things about Christmas is when we pull all the ornaments we've collected here in Germany over the years. It's like welcoming old friends every time.


I love ornaments...that santa is really cool. every year I buy at least 3 new ornaments...I just love the handmade ones. very cool

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