Squeaky clean

Drive by

There's been a lot of drive by blogging lately -- I guess it's the time of year.  Today's my day.  I have LOTS on my list today that I'd like to scratch off.

I have one more thrum repeat on Mdd's mitten before decreasing, and then the thumb to do, but it's getting close!  There was a bit of "Tuesday is For Me" knitting, too, as I worked a bit more on St. Brigid.  Not much, but it's all progress.

I'm feeling all this fiddly knitting.  My fingers were numb this morning and felt like sausages, my whole right arm feels a little weird, and my wrist was making itself known.  Carpal tunnel type problems are not new to me, but I can usually shake it off pretty quickly.  I'll have to take it easy today.  Darn it.



Hope the pain eases up enough to get all you want finished.


I can't wait to finish Holiday knitting gifts to get started on my Rogue! Hope your wrist feels better.

Curlie Girl/Kim

Here's a drive by comment for you - hope you wrist and arm gets better!

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