Any doubts?
'05 is dawning

It boggles the mind

After two more hours last night, the blue cardi is officially history.  The yarn was wound into hanks of varying sizes on the swift and then given a Eucalan dip and hung out to dry on my shower rod.  It's an incredible amount of yarn.  I'd like to get it all wound up and out of the way before the family returns.

In a valiant effort to thwart the dreaded Second Mitten Syndrome, I cast on and knit a few rows of North Star Mitten #2.  I'm anxious to correct some things with this one.

Mickey was, of course, happy to see me when I picked her up yesterday from doggie day care, and didn't seem as pooped out.  She usually sleeps with Mdd, but most of the time she stays downstairs until I go up.  It often seems like she'd rather come and snuggle up with me, but then runs in and hops on Mdd's bed.  She tugged at my heart last night when I took her upstairs and she immediately went and stood in front of Mdd's closed door.  I opened it so she could see that Mdd was not there.  She hesitated a moment and then jumped up on the bed anyway.  Awwww.  Mdd feels the same way -- the first thing out of her mouth when I've spoken to her this week is, "How's my dog?" not "How are you, Mom?"


I would be remiss as a Green Bay Packers fan if I did not acknowledge the death of #92, Reggie White, the "Minister of Defense."  He died in his sleep on Sunday, at the age of 43, of a lung/respiratory ailment possibly combined with sleep apnea.  His funeral is today in Charlotte, NC.  I met the man once and he was a big, BIG ol' teddy bear with dimples; a very warm, kind and caring man.  The team as a whole has been dealt an undue share of sadness this year -- it is a visibly emotional team and the suffering of one is obviously felt keenly by all.

Truthfully, in terms of global tragedy, words fail me -- the devastation is unthinkable, the numbers are incomprehensible.  The tsunami death toll rose from 70,000 to 114,000 in a blink of an eye this morning.

One death, one hundred fourteen thousand deaths.  Incredible sadness felt by many, many more.



The Tsunami is truly devastating. :(


What a sad, sad event to happen. :-(

Mother nature can be real nasty!

Happy New Year!

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