I ain't on no diet

It was a very good day

Yum...as far as Wednesdays go!  So I titled my post "Dizzy" yesterday and elaborated on the song and the usual volume level of my radio (loud) and completely forgot to say that I was feeling dizzy, hence the title!  I usually have an idea when I start a post, but I almost always compose on the fly and sometimes lose my way between the title and the first sentence.

FlashDizzy is a feeling that won't likely let up 'til Christmas.  I work myself into a tizzy, starting about now, and ending with a little bender on the Eve of Christmas Eve -- when I'm still trying to do 100,000 things, looking something like a whirling dervish.  I eventually have a glass of wine late in the afternoon to take the edge off.  It goes down quite well, so I have another.  By the time my sister and her family arrive (one reason for the tizzy), the bottle is empty and I'm relaxed, but send my BIL to get another bottle of wine, anyway.  I'm usually pretty mellow the following day for Christmas Eve festivities.

CharmedI got a box of loveliness from across the Atlantic the other day.  Yvette and I made a pattern trade agreement (Shapely Shawlette for Caryl's Kerchief) and each sent along additional goodies, too.  The grrs helped me choose some Koigu in a pink-ish colorway to send with the shawl pattern.

Yvette wrote, "These little balls of yarn came home with me even though they are not my colour and don't belong in the stash.  (They don't fit anyway!)  I hope they find a place in your stash with all the other greens."  It's shetland from Jamieson & Smith, along with some Flash and Merino -- I'm pondering the possibilities.

There was a birthday card, a shawl pin and bookmark (love that knitted sweater charm!), some l-o-n-g DPNs, and chocolate (didn't last long).  I put a new, 100-watt Reveal lightbulb in the floor lamp next to my chair last night -- le goodies are all arrayed on the seat and the picture was taken without a flash!  The colors are just about spot-on.  I had a Varilux bulb in that lamp, but it just wasn't bright enough; 100 watts may end up being a bit too bright!

I have about half of a tape left to transcribe -- I stuck with it pretty well yesterday.

Elizabeth asked about the "vase head" picture on the blog.  I call her a "pot head."  One of my sisters gave her to me prior to a big move; she had planted the fuzzy cactus and I just love the "hat" it makes (it just keeps growing and growing)!  Those vases are quite collectible -- I remember my grandmother and aunts having a few -- but I have only one and that does not constitute a collection.  This, to me, is an especially nice example, with the jewelry and all.  Last time I checked, she was worth around $90!



I love your pot head but always thought it was a feather sticking out her head! Cute plant.
I too get that "dizzy" feeling and run around like a headless chicken getting nothing done. Wine works especially when your MIL is staying.
Glad you like your pressie box, I can't wait to knit my shawl yours looks great, but mine will definitely be for me!


Oh my.........you sound just like me, right down to the wine part..LOL. My brain starts racing in overdrive right about now and I always swear that next year I will get started sooner....LOL

My grandmother used to have alot of those vases, I can still remember how much I loved admiring them when I was just a young girl :-))

Have fun and try not to get too stressed.

Kind regards

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