I'm getting loose
He sees you when you're sleeping

Let me entertain you

CrosssantaNow that I'm looser, it should be easier.

It's a good thing that I didn't finish my mitten last night.  If I had, I'd have wanted to take a picture.  I wanted to take a picture as it was -- well into the decreases at the tip -- but DH took the camera yesterday and didn't bring it back!  He is really, really lucky that I didn't have an FO.  That mitten just thrills me to no end; I can't believe I'm doing it.

PansySo let me entertain you with ornaments.  Fat Santa is cross-stitched on perforated paper and has seed bead buttons on his very cute coat, and jingle bells dangling from each hand.  I always liked perforated paper (especially for ornaments -- stitch, cut, make a loop and yer done) and have a couple of very old, framed mottos stitched on perf paper hanging in the living room.

I wouldn't be a very good pansy collector if I didn't have a pansy ornament, now would I?  This is one of two and it is very, very lightweight glass.  The other one has real pansy flowers decoupaged onto a gold painted ball.  Cool.

KarensantaAnd this is one of three Santas that my sister made -- one for each kid.  (Sorry for the dark pic.)  Isn't he adorable?  His face is an upside-down wooden heart.  Each has a different fabric for the hat, but they all have that stiff, curly beard, and they're big!  That girl comes up with the greatest projects and always does a very fine job.

Still not a single present wrapped and I haven't baked anything, but I think I polished off the shopping last night in only three stops!  I also went to the library and came home with Ray Romano Live at Carnegie Hall and Amy's Answering Machine -- they will join Steve Martin in entertaining me while I do the Santa duties on Christmas Eve.



Love the ornaments. Especially the Santa - you're sister is quite creative - must run in the family!

Every Xmas I send my best friend ornaments for her tree. Every year she says when they set up the tree, it's like I'm there! I love that. I miss them so much.

Consider me entertained! Thanks!


Love the ornaments!


Vicki, I love coming to your blog..it feels like I'm actually visiting your house! Love the pictures.


how are your google hits now that you've announced how loose you are? trampy knitter!

Mary Beth

The ornaments are so special! I'm with you - no wrapping no baking yet! Oh well!


Your tree ornaments are gorgeous, I love seeing round your house.
Hope you have a fantastic christmas with all your family.
My excuse for having nothing wrapped is, if customs go through my bags then they will only open them anyway!!


I love Pat Thodes Santa's!! So fat and fun. Have a very, very Christmas, grrlfriend!

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