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Originally, this post was to be titled "Monday is For Me... or Look Who Came Out to Play!" and it was going to be posted much earlier than this!

Things were funny right off the bat today.  The short story is that it's taken from 6:45 this morning 'til now (1:15 p.m.) to reestablish my connection to the server and the modem's and router's connections to whatever, and the internet connection.  I got to talk with SBC tech support (twice) and with D-link's, too!  I unplugged stuff and plugged it back in again, restarted 100,000,000 times, all the while looking at little red and green blinking lights.  All I can say is that I think there was a power outage last night and even though the UPS system kicked in, something(s) must have been affected.

Last night I replaced the string of lights on the tree, as intended.  Then I sat down to seam one of the Magnum mittens, but decided I don't really have anything suitable (in the neighborhood of color) for seaming.  I think there will be an LYS stop tomorrow morning.  I pulled out Mdd's thrummed mitts instead, and I think I'm feeling the second mitten syndrome big time with this pair -- didn't feel it at all with the first.  I worked two or three thrum rows and then decided that "Monday is For Me!"

I brought St. Brigid out to play!  We fell in together as if it's only been days instead of weeks apart.  I polished off the fifth repeat and it was FUN!



I sit in my living room knitting and glance at my tree and often pray that my tree lights do not burn out. If they do I might resort to just plugging in a flood light like people do outside ...ahh what the heck... it would be lighted. : )
Your computer issues today are along the lines of me not wanting to upgrade to wireless. It would involve so much of my precious time. Sorry you were forced to use your time. : (


I think it is just one of those days. Sorry about all of your aggravation.

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