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Squeaky clean

I had a long list of things to do yesterday and I managed to cross off every single one!  There are many, many things that need to be done that weren't even on the list, but I'll take my successes where I can get 'em.

Marketing place
Oil change
Call dentist
Krispy Kreme gift certificates
Christmas lights outside
Restaurant gift certificate
Install & hook up scanner
Scan pics

There's a marketing firm in the area that occasionally calls me for testing products.  Man, I love getting paid to give my opinion!

The Saturn dealer was right around the corner -- I didn't have an appointment, but I needed to get an oil change.  They said it would take an hour or so.  There's an antique mall right next door, so I went and poked around for a while.  I hadn't been to that particular one (it's huge and overwhelming and I've heard such bad reports about quality of merchandise) in probably 10 years.  I was pleasantly surprised; the light seemed better and, at least in the half that I saw, stuff was good.  I managed to find a book for the hubster (Christmas) and a small sewing stand to add to my Christmas list.  I need another sewing stand/small table like I need a hole in the head.

There is an internet kiosk at the Saturn dealer and, while I had a few minutes to wait, I thought I'd check some blogs.  I didn't have a problem getting to my own, but the "inappropriate content" filter would not let me check on the Harlot or PurlingSwine.  I knew better than to even try Norma -- with her mouth?

Since our old computer died, we've been without a scanner.  It's a 12-year-old SCSI model and I was just not looking forward to installing it in the new computer.  Kudos to HP and others for making it easier to do-it-yourself these days.  You could have knocked me over with a feather -- I installed the card and software, hooked up the scanner, and it worked right off the bat!  Woohoo!

I took care, given the physical ailments, but had to finish the pink thrummed mittens last night!  I made Mdd wait, even though she wanted to go to bed, so I could get a picture.  Ack.  I forgot to send it (and all the others I took yesterday).  Thanks for your kind wishes; my hands, wrist and arm are a lot better this morning.



I am very jealous of all your accomplishments yesterday. I hate making list. I won't even finish my bloglines 'cause I can't sit there and list all of those blogs. I am now sitting here reading blogs rather than make a grocery store list. In addition to the other [email protected] I have to do today. :) I want a personal shopper!


I am glad you got everything done and were not in too much pain, can't wait to see the finished mitts.
Off to write a list to see if I can accomplish anything.


Glad your getting better! We just traded in my Mom's ols Saturn for the Ion coupe. She LOVES it! They are so nice there.


Haha, yes, you'd best be careful pulling me up at work! My new association with 95-year-old Lee has made me watch my step -- a little. But then she's written me some pretty good emails, so I think she's a girl after my own heart! ;-)

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