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Okey dokey, how 'bout some knitting

Northstar4Northstar5It's nearly a pair of North Star Mittens!  I ran out of gas at the point where the top shaping begins.  These will certainly be finished by the weekend.  I couldn't be more pleased with how the second mitten is turning out.  I'm knitting looser and, so far, it fits and feels so much better than the first.  I may end up re-knitting the right-hand mitt.

Northstarinside1Northstarinside2See how nice the inside looks?  In both pics, the first mitt is on the left and the second is on the right.  I'm much more consistent with how I'm carrying the yarn.  I like the inside or wrong side of things to look nice, too.  That's been drilled into my head since before I even took up needles of any kind.  My maternal grandmother died when I was in third grade and I don't have any memory of her actually doing handwork, but she did a LOT.  (According to my mom, she rarely finished any of it.  I finished one of her cross-stitch pillow tops long after she died, and it's a treasure.)  Anyway, at every opportunity, my mom would tell us that her mother always said that it's important to make the back look as neat as the front.  I imagine that great grandma was a stickler, too.  With those words rolling 'round in my head, you should see the back of some of my cross-stitch pieces!

Baby20ullK27s20hairMail call!  The whole family shrugged and said, "Oh, it's probably yarn from one of mom's knitting friends."  Right-O!  It was Baby Ull in yesterday's mail; my recent effort to help Jody with stash reduction.  The first thing that came to mind is "Tanguy," one of the cute-beyond-words patterns that I recently purchased from Kate.  I haven't checked to see if this yarn would actually work, but I'm hoping.  Can't you see it?

My very own Kate is having fun with her new short hair.  I'm working on replies, but I'd just like to thank you all again for your comments about her gift to Locks of Love and her cute new 'do.  I was surprised at how many people are growing their hair in order to do the same.  It's really a wonderful thing.


Mary in Boston

Gosh, the mittens are amazing!!! What yarns did you use for them? I'm afraid that if I knit anything like that, the inside would not look as good.

And that brings up a question...how does one wear these mittens? Isn't it incredibly easy to snag the yarn from the inside? Or do you line the mittens?

Just curious...

Love the pattern for the pointy hat too!

Curlie Girl/Kim

The North Star mittens look incredible (inside and out)! You must have had a wonderful time watching the pattern form on the needles! Lovely, lovely, lovely.

And I must say that I really like Kate's new "do". Shorter hair really suits her, and makes her look very sophisticated!


A wonderful gift your daughter has given someone in need. I love the mittens! You do a great job of stranding.


Wow, Vicki! Those mittens are stunning. I've never done two-color work, but I'm getting close to feeling like I dare to try. This is the second pair of these I've seen. Was this in IK? What yarn, too?


WOW! Those mittens really turned out well, didn't they? I got several colorwork knitting books for christmas but I've convinced myself that until my fair isle class in feb. I just won't be able to do it. I so want to be able to make things like this! What beautiful inspiration!


I love the North Star mittens. I much prefer the rounded edge rather than the pointy top of some. They look great!


I agree about the rounded edge and they are just lovely Vicki!


GORGEOUS mittens!!! I absolutely love them, Vicki!


those mittens are magnificent!! why does the one look more maroon on the inside? did you carry the yarn differently? In any case, the insides are great too. My mother (she who never knit or sewed!) would always say that the mark of a fine seamstress is not on the outside, but the inside of the work.

I love all of Kate's patterns -- you will have to keep us posted on how they are to knit!


Your mittens are gorgeous and the back side is so nice and neat. Wonderful job!!!


The mottens are gorgeous but I gotta ask - do they match your coat?


Wonderful mittens. I was eyeing that pattern just last night when I was culling some magazines. The thumb gusset looks very appealing.


Her hair is such a gorgeous COLOR! Really lovely.

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