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BlockingfrontOh yeah.  I pinned out the front of St. Brigid last night and had myself a little peek this morning.  Someday, I'll buy some better pins and a Spaceboard; in the meantime, I work with what I've got:  a motley assortment of regular sewing pins and a cardboard thing that I bought at a rummage sale for $1.00.  It's big, folds up like an accordion, it's gridded in both inches and centimeters, and I haven't perforated it to death yet.  It's getting a little warped because I have even used it for wet-blocking.  I had concerns about odor from wet paper, but so far so good (nothing's ever sopping wet).  For the front of St. Brigid, I blocked in the manner instructed, using a freshly washed towel, spun on the "max extract" cycle, to lay atop the knitting.

Kristi has finished her St. Brigid!  Go see!  Inspiration...

I finished the back last night and got one of the sleeves back on the needles.  Today, after I do our taxes run the vacuum and do a little dusting -- okay, maybe I'll do our taxes organize (or even put away) paperwork the mountain of knitting books and stuff that's accumulated around my chair -- I'll do the taxes saddles.  Why put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today?  Taxes.

Aipotsfeb16Bowlfeb16Okay, now that I've set my priorities and have a plan...

Ali has a clay class for art.  Second semester has just begun and the pottery is already flowing.  I might need a whole new cupboard or something just to display her stuff.  Katie had an aversion to the wheel; Alison has taken to it like a duck to water.  The morning sun is streaming into my kitchen this morning -- just the kind of day I like for doing the taxes cleaning and knitting.



Great pottery Ali! I'll be jealous if you get a wheel. I've been throwing twenty years and I've never had my own. Appreciate your parents, girl!
And the dresses from yesterday are fab. I like it that they both wore the exact same dress. Are you modelling the sweater tomorrow?


Cool pottery, well done Ali, you can't possible concentrate on taxes if there is knitting to be done.

Curlie Girl/Kim

Oh, I know what you mean about taxes...I would rather do anything but. Mine are sitting in a big paper heap on the dining room table, collecting dust...which I'm perfectly fine


I can feel your excitement! Love the sun drenched photo. It's going to be so good!

I hear you on the Taxes. I'm still waiting for my darling husband to get his stuff together, so I have a good excuse at least.

I used to throw - so zen. Nothing like it, except maybe knitting, of course.


Geeze girl, I've been spending my return already : )
I bought one of those boards at the fabric store and to help with the water/paper issue I covered it with clear contact paper great. Now do your taxes!


That's it, I think I'm going to have to get more high tech than a couple of old beach towels and a tape measure!

Mary in Boston

I'm still working my way up to a yarn swift and ball winder....right now, the backs of two chairs works okay...but my wrists get tired...first them, then the blocking board.

St. Brigid's looks awesome! I'm getting ready to start the Fisherman's Sweater Knit along...I'll be asking for blocking tips then...

The pottery is wonderful...are you all familiar with Red Wing Pottery? The bowls' shape looks similar.


your St. Brigid is wonderful!! And of course, I love the pottery - especially that pitcher in the back of the picture. Get that kid a wheel so she can keep feeding your addiction - the perfect plan really, you come off looking like mother-of-the-year and you have an endless stream of pottery ..... you're an evil genius!


to heck with've got time! finish the sweater!

General Ginger

Can't wait to see St. Brigid. Beautiful pottery!


Gorgeous sweater. Gorgeous pottery. The only reason I already did the taxes is cuz we're getting money back. If we had to pay, I probably would have put it off. :)

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