Happy Valentine's Day!
A morning peek

Big plans

Edited to add PICTURES!  Sheesh, who knew that y'all would really want to see those dresses!  We aim to please 'round here, so scroll down...

DraculaswivesI know, you can't really see what the dresses were like, but it's obvious they were having fun with the cape part.  Quite the color, huh?  It was actually pretty flattering to them both.  Ali had an "okay" time at the dance...

KinshadesKatie found these huge sunglasses from the '80s while thrifting on Saturday; they're the kind where the arm thingies start near the bottom of the frame and swoop up.  God, I actually had a real live pair of regular glasses like that once.

I had a meeting last night and when I finally sat down with St. Brigid, Maddy was looking for a Skip-Bo opponent; I can't say no.  She won, though I have chalked up a few wins recently.  The end-of-game rules are always different:  if she wins, the loser cleans up; if I win, the winner cleans up.  Guess who's making up the rules (or who's a little slow on the take-up?).

ScrabbleI will surely finish the back of St. Brigid tonight -- only four or five rows to go.  I have big plans for tomorrow, including blocking the front and back pieces and working on the sleeve saddles!  I also plan to find my vacuum cleaner and see if I remember how it operates, but that's another thing.  Do you wonder what my priorities will be?

Thank you to the wonderful knit bloggers and readers who responded to my query about the blocking instructions.  Wow.  I love you guys!

AicatAiabAipatAli; Ali and her friend Abbey who scored the dresses; Ali and Patrick (the "little boy" who called me fat the other day).  What a uniform does for a feller, huh?

Contrary to popular belief my first impression, these were not handmade dresses, unless the seamstress had access to union tags.  I reinforced the seams by machine last night -- it made me think of Grandma and how she'd reinforce the seams of store-bought clothing on her treadle machine -- either the thread deteriorated over the past 30 years or there was some hearty partying at that first wedding!  There were lots of peek-a-boo holes that shouldn't have been there!  Anyway, aren't they cute?  I think they had more fun getting ready for the dance than they actually had at the dance.  It's senior year, do it now or never!

Okey-doke, y'all (Norma, Yvette, Cara, Katy) happy now?



skip-bo and scrabble games - can I get in the adoption queue behind Jen and La? In L.A. over winter break, every girl I saw had on sunglasses like those.


I love it that your girls go thrifting! And those dresses -- well, you're right, can't see the dresses, but yesterday when you described it I pictured little caplets on the shoulders, not big long ones like that. We need to see the DRESSES! Very, very cool.


I LOVE Katie's scarf!!! It looks so pretty with her lovely red hair!


Please let us see the dresses, they look like they were having a great time.
Vacuum cleaner, remind me what that looks like, ours is currently being used as a coat hanger, who needs to vacuum. Happy blocking.


I agree - the sunglasses and scarf are perfect for Katie. Disappointed as well in no actual dress pictures, but the girls do look like they're having a blast. Is that a good thing or a bad thing that Ali had an "okay" time? Good luck with your blocking! Glad you were able to get the information you needed.


I had swoopy regular glasses like that, too...


Love the capes too but want to see the dresses! And wow on St. Brigid you are really nearing the beginning...of wearing it!


Four more rows! Woohooo!!


WOW! The dresses (and, of course, the girls) are beautiful - so timeless. Lovely color, lovely drape. Yes, I'm happy now. Thank you! :-)


Lovely dresses! But a "little boy" calling you fat? This deserves a slap on his little face... how rude... I don't care how he dresses up!

I love Katie's sunglasses--I have some similar, but mine are a little smaller :)


Yahhhh, happy now. And so. Those are really great dresses -- vintage or not!


Vacuum cleaner, what pray tell is such a thing?


What lovely girls your daughters are! LOL......those dresses kind of remind me of some of the prom dresses from "our" error...LOL!


The girls look GORGEOUS and, of course, you know I have a soft spot in my heart for a man in uniform! Beautiful.


Thanks for the pictures, they are absolutely great.


The green dress looks fab with Ali's red hair. As a gal who adores "vintage" attire....I give it 2 enthusiastic thumbs up.

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