Screw that groundhog!
Happy Valentine's Day!


GrandmapillowAll I'll say about St. Brigid is that I've ripped the lovely front neck and shoulder shaping and it went well -- better than expected.  I'm at about the half-way mark on what I think will be the last repeat.  Yup.

Let's brighten things up with flowers!  This pillow is mostly my maternal grandmother's work.  She did embroidery, hooked rugs, sewing -- it's her treadle sewing machine in the picture.  She reinforced the seams of every piece of store-bought clothing that came into her home on that machine.  I think she had a bad case of startitis, perhaps a phobia about finishing.  My mother says that Grandma never finished anything, and she left many unfinished projects.  She died when I was 8 and somehow, this pillow top came to be in my possession -- the cross stitch was complete except for one corner of the border -- it lay folded in a drawer for many,  many years; I'd pull it out and admire it from time to time.  Eventually, I took it to a shop and matched floss as best I could -- gold, baby blue, and a darker blue -- and finished it off.  I bought some satin for backing and made it up (not sure satin would have been used originally, but I didn't know any better).  Unfortunately, the satin of the pillow top is starting to show some wear.



That is a gorgeous girls have a great weekend away.


I'm off to see my sister too! Have a great weekend - stay warm and cozy. Beautiful pillow by the way - I'm sure your grandmother would be very happy with it. Good luck with St. B.


I have a Bargello pillow from my grandmother. I taught her to do that form of canvas work and she made pillows for everyone in the family. I was the last one to get my pillow for some reason. She only had one arm so it was hard for her to do but she loved doing it. My grandfather threaded the needles for her. Thanks for giving me a chance to remember that. (She was really a mean woman but I like to remember the good stuff. LOL)


What a lovely pillow! that's wonderful that you got to finish it and can use it. I'm all for using pillows that are handmade. So much so, my husband has a quilted pillow that he absolutely used UP, its gone, there is next to nothing left of the fabric. He really loved it :) Myself, I still keep my first x-stitch variation pillow around that I made, everything is on its way out, the pillow fabric, the piping, the stitching barely visible anymore. But I enjoyed it tremendously while it lasted! Definitely want to make this one again as its a great pattern and has a lot of memories for me.


What a beautiful pillow, I love black ones it seems to really make the colours of the silk stand out. You have a good weekend too.

Mary Beth

You did a great job - it's a true heirloom! Have a great weekend!


The pillow is gorgeous! To treasure!
Have a fun weekend, girly style!


Hope you have a great weekend. The pillow is a treasure for cool that you finished it off.


Reinforced the seams of all store-bought clothing?! I'm sitting here and I can't wrap my mind around it. She didn't trust the seams? Amazing.

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