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Oh, the weather!  When was the last time I felt 40 degrees?  It must have been November.  It's was mid-40s yesterday and there's a promise for today -- plus sunshine!  The snow's melting, there are puddles, I've heard birds singing.

Spencer.  Annie Modesitt's pattern in the Fall '04 issue of Interweave Knits.  I've loved this sweater since I first laid eyes on it, except that I'd never be able to wear a true Spencer Jacket -- I'd have to modify it, probably adding another repeat.  Which would make it not a Spencer, but whatever.

Must Have Cardigan.  That's also been stuck in my head -- for almost a year now.  I finally bought the pattern a few months ago.  So far, I've resisted the KAL...  This does not make it easy.  Nor does this -- those cables look like they're gonna pop right off!  And the color on this...

St. Brigid.  There was a tiny one-step-forward, two-steps-back dance going on last night, but I'm leading the dance once again...

Have a great weekend all.  Wishing you sunshine and at least 40 degrees!



We're in the 40s too! Amazing isn't it? Makes you think there will be an end to winter after all. Although, there is something comforting and wonderful about it coming, then leaving, every year.

I'm trying to resist all these KALs too - I feel like I haven't been getting anything accomplished, knitting or otherwise. No more projects has become my mantra!

Have a great weekend - and don't forget - GO EAGLES!


In the 40's here too.... All of those sweaters are just gorgeous. There is something about cables that give them a richness. Hope you have a great weekend.


We are having it warm too. It is a nice respite. However, with this forecast also came a SMOG warning! In February!
Have a great weekend.


Aww, c'mon! Join the KAL. You know you wanna! God, do I love my red-orange tweedy yarn. It's making me so happy to knit.


I've been thinking about the Sideways Spencer Bonne Marie, it has also been warming up to me. Not sure if I would add length to it...while I normally like long sweaters, this one is meant to be short on purpose, and if I added length, well, it'd just look like my sweater shrank. Hmmm...what to do...
Oh, I joined the St. Brigid KAL too! Hope to get my yarn this week, and off I start!
We hit 50 Friday and Sat. All our snow is gone..too bad!


Resistance is futile. You will join us. Eventually.... [insert evil laughter here]

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