I've fallen in love
Yoo hoo


I heard "Feelin' Groovy" on the radio this morning and wonder if anyone in the world can listen to this song and not feel just a little better than they did before.  It's all groovy today, man.

Groovy Thing 1:  I did not need to turn on my headlights on the way home last night and I had to wear my sunglasses!

Groovy Thing 2:  Though the temperature plunged this week, the sun has been shining and it's definitely getting stronger.  Spring -- and the anticipation of spring -- is very groovy.

Groovy Thing 3:  Did you see it?  Kt left a comment on m'blog!  She reads my junk often and I'd recently mentioned that she should leave a comment, just a little "Hi" would make my day. Whoa, good one, Kate; I might have to have a plaque made.

Groovy Thing 4:  I found and posted (at left) a button for that sweet Miss Dashwood last night.  And I don't even mind that some people might blame me because she's butted her cute little self in front of all the other WIPs in their basket!

Not a Groovy Thing:  I nabbed that button off of someone's blog (saved it to my own computer, I know the rules) -- where, oh, where can those buttons be found?  Like, where do they come from?

Groovy Thing 5:  The front & back of St. Brigid have been completely blocked; I unpinned them yesterday and YOWZA!  The saddles are finished and sleeves await blocking.  The collar has been started.  Woohoo.  I was kind of expecting the sweater pieces to spring back a bit to their pre-blocked state, but they hardly moved when I took out the pins.  I'm going to like this fabric -- not heavy or stiff, and very soft.

Groovy Thing 6:  Someone landed here by searching for "pugs in springtime pics" and that, too, just makes me smile; conjures an image of Poe prancing among the daffodils.  Maybe Poe's mommy will be able to make that image a real one.  Hmmm?

Groovy Thing 7 (tentative):  Possibly the grooviest thing of all is that there's a very real chance for an FO this weekend.  No promises, but Monday could be a very big day.


I love blogging.  My head's been swirling with various threads and incomplete thoughts and ideas that I did not even touch on in yesterday's post and other things that happened during the week, sparking completely different threads/thoughts/ideas -- and, really, I know I could tie them all together if I tried.  It's kind of a jumbled flood.  I am happy for a place where I can write stuff down.  It satisfies the frustrated writer -- the one who doesn't know what to write about.  "Write about what you know."  Well, no matter my level of skill, I know how to knit and it's a knitting blog, so there's a little knit-related drivel; and no matter my level of skill, I've been a mother for 20 years -- it's a big part of who I am -- and that subject works its way in.  A little bit.  Now and then.

I am what I am; it is what it is; que sera, sera.  What I write is not just for me, though; it is read by others, and I worry about sounding sanctimonious or even preachy -- I think I can sound that way sometimes -- and I don't think I've ever poured it out about something quite like I did here yesterday.  I'm the eldest of five; for a long time, I've been used to being asked for and dispensing advice.  My mother asks me for advice.  It's nature and nurture and circumstance and passion and love -- and sharing my experience and what I know.  Not right.  Not wrong.  (Though perhaps a strong opinion.)  Maybe someone will find a useful nugget.  I can't help but wonder how my mothering would be different if I'd given birth to Kevin, Andrew and Michael...  And would I be a minivan-driving soccer mom if that's how my kids' interests had guided me?  You betcha.  U-Rah-Rah!

Anyway, thank goodness the weekend (and an opportunity for the brain to clear) is upon us.  Have a groovy one!



I too fell in love with Ms. Dashwood --- it's the complete package. Great name, great pattern and fabulous model! That baby is so cute - beyond words. The seriousness of her expression!!

as for the pic of Poe amongst the daffodils - I'll do my best to provide the world with pugs in springtime pictures. But I ain't makin promises. He is a blur of motion ... my only hope is that he falls asleep amongst the daffodils!


I feel the same about my blog~ it satisfies my need to write. I've held back a bit in writing about family and feelings because I was burned once or twice in the past~ but whenever I do, the support I receive is amazing and very appreciated.

Love that baby hat! Now, if I just had a baby girl to knit it for. :)


I find your way of raising your girls is very refreshing. I've always considered myself a laid back mom and given the chance to clean the house or do something with my boys, my boys always won. I am proud to say that sometimes I am an awful housekeeper, but a good mom. That doesn't bother me. I am getting better at the house stuff, after 20 years, but my boys help me, so maybe they are the ones that are good at it! I've never been a typical soccer mom, although I have done it, but my kids prefer other athletic activites and that's ok with me, I never pushed, but I too had the rule that if you start it, you finish it and we've always been that way. I think you need to give them room to spread out, however that may be. I applaud you, and I love reading your blog - keep it up and Thanks! I wish I could sound so interesting on my blog, but I feel like I'm fumbling around.


Funny, but the other day I was humming that song and I too, felt groovy! :)


You are not sanctimonious! You are a breath of fresh air. Can't wait to see St. B on Monday.

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