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Happy Groundhog Day!

My day is still rather up in the air.  One thing I will be doing, at some point, is wallpapering.  I ought to be able to wrap that up in a couple of hours and clean up all my junk so DH can move on to the next stage...

I got the Spring '05 anthropologie catalog in the mail the other day, and pages 31-33 made me wonder why we're busting our butts.  (One word:  dust.)  I love the green cardigan on page 18, too.  I think I'm half as tall and twice as wide -- no, she's a stick, I'm probably four times as wide -- as that model, so no clue how it would look on a real person/me.

Closure1One of the things I've been scouting for when thrifting is belt buckles like this.  The other day, I found only one -- huge, hideous, gold.  This buckle was found among the buttons and things in Great Grandma's sewing machine drawers.  It's just big enough to use as a closure for my Shapely Shawlette.  When I first came upon it, I thought it was black, but it's really a very deep green.  And I think it's Bakelite, which is very cool.

It really hit me yesterday that I have a significant FO on the horizon.  I hope I'm not jinxing anything, but I think it's very possible that I could have a new sweater by the 1st of March.  I'm not officially setting any goals (and sooner would be just fine, too!), but I am feeling very focused and determined -- feelings that increased with every encouraging comment yesterday.  You guys are the greatest cheerleaders!  I finished the first repeat and started the second last night and, if I remember correctly, the front will have one less repeat than the back because of the neck shaping.  Whoo!



Did the little bugger see his shadow or what? I'm sick of winter! Glad you're feeling so encouraged about the sweater - isn't it so nice to be able to imagine the end? I'm sure it will be gorgeous. Getting into a good knit is almost like getting into a good book - it's hard to put it down. Have fun with the wallpaper.


Anthropologie is such a sweet catalog. It is one of the few that is actually fun to flip through and appreciate, even if I don't buy anything. Know what I mean? Although, if I could, of course, I would buy everything. Happy Knitting!


Grandma's sewing machine drawers are a wealth of earthly treasures. I think I have a belt buckle just like that one from mine. And various rhinestones ones which are beyond cool - but where would I ever wear them? Good luck with the wallpaper...and I assume St.Brigid is the one poised for her debut?


Cool Bakelite! Love it!


Hi Vicki--Oh I love your idea about the buckles... I will definitely keep my eye out for those when thrifting. I LOVE thrifing--I have considered starting another blog devoted to it :)

I too am enamoured with Anthropologie. I saw their Spring collections online, but I had to order a catalog to actually hold in my hand... can't wait till it comes.

Thanks for the little bit of inspiration!

Mary Beth

What a treasure you found! I would have never thought to use it with a shawl.


You are very lucky you found the belt buckle. I have been in hot pursuit of good thick buckles for months (new or used) I am jealous! Now I am off to Anthropologie and I better stop at Hanna Anderson also ...spring is coming : )


You so need to go on Antiques Roadshow with all of your finds! I don't think you jinxed anything. It's going to be great and gorgeous.

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