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Happy Valentine's Day!

Nothing too special for Valentine's Day going on over here.  The kids don't have school today, for some reason, and there was a dance at the high school last night.  One of Ali's friends raided her grandma's closet and they wore matching, lime-green bridesmaid dresses, ca. 1975, from the friend's aunt's first wedding.  They're halter-style with a separate cape -- pretty funny, but really pretty cute on them!  I'd have pics if Ali hadn't run off with the camera.

We had a good weekend.  The weather on Saturday was nothing short of gorgeous for this time of year; we took our time and had a nice drive down to my sister's.  We had just enough time to hit a couple of second-hand stores before heading to the cabin.  There's a little more snow in that part of the state and I learned about Yaktrax, but not before I slipped and fell on the half-assed path between the parking area and my sister's cabin (my whole butt feels like one big bruise).  Thankfully, the fall doesn't appear to have affected my back (knocking on wood).  Anyway, I'm thinking about getting some Yaktrax for myself -- they made a huge difference.  The kids think I'm nuts, but it can be treacherous just walking the dog.  They're young, I'm old -- I am more fearful of falling every year.

I didn't get as much knitting done at my sister's as I'd have liked, but more than usual when I'm on the road.  As of last night, the front of St. Brigid is off the needles (after ripping and doing another repeat) and I'm so much happier with the length.  I had to rip the back only a few rows to get it back on the needles and I'm about half-way with that additional repeat.  They're not actually extra repeats; the sweater will be just as written.  No, Katy, it ain't no fun.  Mary Beth shared her Aran-ripping tips, and I think I do it similarly.  I only tink if there's just a short way to go -- a row, maybe two.  Otherwise, I rip it to the row before the one I want on the needles.  Then I kind of tink, but I do it on a right-side row -- it's easier for me to read the stitches on that side and know where I'm at -- putting each stitch on the needle as I rip.  I, too, fix twisted stitches when I come to them while working the row, rather than worrying about them as I get them on the needle.  If I pull a stitch out or feel like I might drop a stitch during this endeavor, I stick a cable needle into a few of the upcoming, yet-to-be-ripped stitches to keep them from dropping, too.  It is painful to rip, but really not as bad getting it back on the needles as I was anticipating.

So, I will likely have the back finished tonight.  Then I'll be getting more stitches back on needles so I can adjust sleeve length, if necessary, and do the saddles.  I don't know when or if I can get the book back from the library (interlibrary loan) and I didn't copy the page with the blocking directions.  Grrr.  I can't imagine that there's anything too special there -- can someone clue me in?  Damn, I wish they'd reprint that book.

Abbey of my new favorite chili recipe, Chili All Day, tagged me for the music meme, which I did a little while ago (it can be found here.)  I found that after I'd finished thinking up 100 Things, I couldn't stop, and it's the same with this thing.  So, I'd like to add "So Happy Together" to my list of favorite songs -- I know I thought of many others, but that's at the top of the list.



We played that song at our wedding! Just as we were walking down the aisle to leave the ceremony!!!


Happy V Day! Sorry to here you fell - when I was running regularly I used to love to run in the snow/cold weather - I had a similar pair of those Yak things - they really work!

I'll be back for pictures.


Vicki, I don't know how i missed your music list!
.. sorry for the double tag. :) I just love Eva Cassidy.. what a gorgeous voice.

Glad to hear you're still enjoying the chili recipe!


Hi Vicki! I have the book at home (also on loan from the libe). I'll drop you a note when I get home tonight with that info! :)


Oh, I always fall too... I think I have an unusual pull of gravity or something. I hope you are alright!

Looking forward to the pics from the dance--that combo sounds cute and fun!

Take care, Vicki!

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